Beneficial Thought: How Chiron Retrograde Heals All Wounds

Posted on June 29, 2017

We′re entering an exciting part of the year, infused with a lot of vibrant energy from many of the great planets. Jupiter energy anyone? Summer is upon us and it′s time to have some fun! Amidst all this energy we have some slower things happening in the universal order.

This energy will ensure the next few months of your life are not just fun and exciting, but also growth oriented.

One of those things is the astrology transit called Chiron retrograde. Chiron is one of the smaller and lesser known bodies in the universe, but its importance is not small by any means. As Chiron prepares to turn retrograde, let′s talk today about how to use this period to your advantage so you can finish the year exemplifying your personal best.

What is Chiron Retrograde?

We talk about retrograde planets quite a bit here, but not often enough about Chiron. Let′s explore Chiron more specifically today. A retrograde transit occurs when a planet or universal body changes directions, from direct to retrograde. Direct generally means moving forward at full steam.

Retrograde is the opposite, although this doesn′t mean a planet is actually moving backward, it just looks like it is. I always use the analogy of cars on a highway when discussing retrograde motion. If your car is moving direct at full speed, and one car behind you is moving slower, a look in the rear view mirror makes it appear as if that car is moving faster, but it′s not. Planetary motion is very similar.

So a retrograde planet is the planet behind the planets moving in the fast lane. Now as for Chiron, it′s known as the planet that rules healing and synchronicities. So when Chiron is retrograde, you are still going to have opportunities to embrace spiritual healing, and will still see synchronicities. Retrogrades are very connected to our past lives, and our past experiences in this lifetime.

Under Chiron retrograde, you are going to have opportunities to embrace the healing of old wounds, and the energy Chiron sends you along the way is going to help. Chiron will be retrograde for nearly the rest of this year. It starts on June 30 and goes direct again on December 4, 2017. Let′s examine the themes of this transit more closely.

The Myth of Chiron the Wounded Healer

Understanding how Chiron came to be the wounded healer is essential in understanding how to use this energy in your daily life. In Greek mythology, there was a couple named Cronus and Philyra. Philyra at first balked at Cronus′ courting her and tried to turn herself into a mare so as to avoid him completely. It didn′t work. Cronus turned himself into a horse, and the pair had a baby named Chiron. Chiron had the upper body of a human, with the legs and body of a horse.

When Philyra saw this, she became so upset over this that she rejected Chiron, and begged the gods to change him. The gods were greatly displeased with her lack of gratitude and turned her into a tree. Poor Chiron was abandoned forever. A lot of what we deal with from Chiron is about this key theme: abandonment.

Hold on, the story of Chiron continues. After he was abandoned, Apollo found Chiron and took him under his wing, teaching him many things, including how to get past life′s wounds. One day, Hercules came to dinner and a big fight broke out. Chiron was right in the thick of it, and eventually suffered a wound to the leg by an arrow that would never fully heal properly.

Although the wound would never heal, Chiron himself was immortal and would go through life learning to adapt and work around this wound. Eventually, Hercules himself would plead with the gods for Chiron to trade places with another immortal, known as Prometheus.

That′s another long story, but basically, Prometheus was being punished and had been chained to a rock where birds would eat out his liver every day. Every day it would grow back. To this day, the liver is the only organ in the human body that self-regenerates. Eventually, Zeus heard Hercules′ plea and allowed Chiron to trade places with Prometheus.

This would mean that Prometheus′ wounds would never heal completely, and Chiron would become a mortal, whose wounds WOULD heal. After Chiron died, Zeus gave Chiron his own astrological body in the sky. The constellation of Centaurus is also directly connected to Chiron, as it was the Centaurans who helped him in the great battle with Hercules.

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