How to Succeed Under Uranus Retrograde – That Which You Resist, Persists

Posted on August 02, 2017

There′s an old joke among psychologists about resistance to change. “How many psychologists does it take to change a light bulb?” The answer is, “One, but he really needs to want to change.” This is life′s biggest dilemmas. We all want change at some point, but do we really want it?

Do we want it enough to “change the light bulb”? Whether we want to or not, once in a while astrology sends us energy that will force us to examine that question. This time around it is Uranus retrograde.

Under Uranus retrograde, if you have been avoiding changing a light bulb in your life because it was too uncomfortable, you will be presented with a scenario that forces you to think about that light bulb. Yes, you can ignore some of your problems and hope they go away. Some of them will go away, but the big ones won′t.

Under Uranus retrograde, that which you resist, will persist. Especially if what you are resisting will actually help you to succeed.That′s what it is all about. By “it” we mean, this thing called life. Change is the only thing in life you can be sure of. Resisting it will set you back. Some change we can afford to avoid. Others, not so much.

If you′re in a toxic relationship, something needs to give because that will kill your soul. You can′t succeed when your soul is dying a little bit every day. The same goes for work. If you aren′t in the right job or financial status, pretending you are isn′t going to help you to succeed.

Along comes Uranus retrograde to help you escalate your life to the next level of success. That which you resist, will persist. Do you really want to change the light bulb, or do you want to live in the dark? Uranus retrograde arrives to help nudge that decision along, and is nothing to fear.

What is Uranus Retrograde?

Uranus is what we call the “shock and awe” planet and right now it′s in the Cardinal Sign of the Fire Signs, Aries, while the sun is in Fixed Sign of the Fire Signs, Leo. There′s a lot of fire in the air! Uranus is the planet that embodies the rebellious gene in all of us. It′s also the planet that brings out the rebellious gene in all of us.

When Uranus makes a presence in our life, it′s a surprise. You′ll see this energy manifested in your Daily Horoscopes with “expect the unexpected” cautions when Uranus is direct. That′s because Uranus just breaks out of the mold one day, and rarely gives advance warning. Uranus does this on purpose. Uranus likes to shock us.

We all have that one friend who says things just for shock value, for humorous purposes or to be different from the mold. That′s Uranus. That one friend in all of our circles probably has some Uranus energy heavy in their charts. When Uranus acts for shock value, it does so in big, unexpected events.

There′s always a reason and higher purpose to it. It could be a slip and fall, to remind us to slow down in life. It could be a sudden or abrupt job change. It could be an out of the blue breakup. It could also be an out of the blue marriage proposal. Uranus isn′t always bad, but many of us who resist change get stressed over its effects because any change feels bad.

Retrogrades are always periods where the work that happens to us is internal. When a planet is retrograde, it has slowed down and it appears to be moving slower. That′s the good news about Uranus retrograde. Most of the work and events that happen to us will be happening at the internal level.

What Uranus wants us to do during this period, is enter this process of “wanting to change the light bulb,” that needs fixing in our lives. A series of events or experiences, usually at the internal level, will begin happening that make us less resistant to changing that light bulb.

This year, Uranus is retrograde from August 2, 2017 to January 2, 2018, so we have almost six months to change that light bulb. Do you know what “Ah-hah!” moment you need to have? If not, fret not, that′s what Uranus retrograde is all about – pointing you to the light bulb that needs changing.

Time to Leave the Comfort Zone

Although Uranus retrograde effects are largely internal, you will still need to leave the comfort zone. You are going to have to change that light bulb, or Uranus will do it for you. That which you resist, persists, remember? During Uranus retrograde you will slowly come into this awareness that something has to give.

It could be a relationship, it could be a job, it could be your living situation. Only you know what it is. Pretending that problem is not there is not going to make it go away. So being real is the key to winning under Uranus retrograde.

As the freedom loving planet, Uranus changes are going to create more freedom in your life. It will be unconventional freedom. It may be freedom you never considered before. Uranus will wake you up to all of this, slowly, but surely, while Uranus is retrograde.

You′ll suddenly start to think things like, “Wow, this really isn′t working,” or, “Wow, I really do have the power to change this light bulb myself.” That′s the entire point of Uranus retrograde. A lot of these feelings will come to you out of the blue. Again, the hardest part about changing that light bulb is…wanting to change it. Uranus will help you.

How to Navigate Uranus Retrograde With Ease

If the theme to Uranus retrograde is, “That which you resist, persists,” then feeling resistance during Uranus retrograde is just going to be painful for you. Don′t resist the changes that are coming. Embrace them. Change those light bulbs!

Uranus is also very imaginative, inspired, and intuitive, themes that are enhanced while the Sun is in intuitive Fire Sign Leo and Uranus is in Cardinal Sign Aries. Uranus rules the inventors of the world and loves these great big, bold ideas.

It′s that, “I really can change my life this way,” mentality that you will slowly become more accustomed to during Uranus retrograde. Last year Uranus went from July 29 to December 28. Did any major changes in your life happen during that period? That was Uranus retrograde forcing you to confront what wasn′t working, so you can create the life that would.

For example, if you want to work things out with your partner this year, taking a trip or vacation with the girls or some friends is not the way to do it. Uranus retrograde will have both of you thinking about that freedom that happens while you are gone. The same goes for work, your house, your life, all of it.

Uranus retrograde is forcing us all to examine life with a new perspective. If you want to get closer to your lover, take the vacation with them. You′ll both be forced to examine life with this renewed perspective of freedom…together. Use this principle in every area of your life you want changed this year.

Concluding Thoughts…

To succeed, all zodiac signs are cautioned to be introspective under Uranus retrograde and be careful. Sometimes you have to be physically careful when you are dealing with Uranus retrograde. Slips, falls, accidents do happen on the days that Uranus goes retrograde.

We are also dealing with a Jupiter and Pluto transit around the same time Uranus goes retrograde. Big changes are coming, so just be careful. Hospitals will see more intakes during this time, and tragedies can happen more easily than usual. These are the changes in life Uranus forces us to accept. Don′t fear it.

If you are stepping up on that ladder to change that light bulb, just be careful. Not everybody is going to fall, just the ones not paying attention.

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