Beneficial Thought: How’s Your Heart Chakra? Heal it with Self-care

Posted on March 17, 2017

We all need a little more love in our lives. There are also times when we need a little bit more than usual. Everybody has good days and bad days, and you are entitled to them. The bad days only become a problem if you get stuck in them. You know you are stuck in a rut if you have more bad days than good days.

Today we are going to talk about how to get out of that rut, by because we′ve all been there. It starts with healing that powerful energy center called the heart chakra. Believe it or not, the most powerful way to get out of the bad day rut is to just love yourself more. Society tries to condition us into thinking that self- compassion or self-care is, well, selfish. It′s not, it is the most important thing you do in your life.

Loving yourself and taking care of your own physical and emotional needs can feel tough, with so many responsibilities on your plate, but it′s easier than you think. The simplest way to engage self-love every single day is to make sure your heart chakra is spinning and humming along happily. When it is, everything negative and toxic in the world literally bounces right off you. Who wouldn′t want that?

What is the Heart Chakra?

The heart chakra is one of the energy centers in your body. It is located in the centre of your chest near your heart. It is symbolized by the color green. The heart chakra is your love and joy center. When you′re having a bad day, its energy slows down. When you have too many bad days in a row, it can slow down to almost a complete stop.

When something amazing happens, it starts pinging like crazy and you feel joyful and your love cup runneth over. We can′t expect to feel like that every day, but you can experience more of these days when your heart chakra is in alignment. In fact, having a full love tank even during dark days is the first clue you have a healthy heart chakra.

In this chaotic world, we all need a little bit of help and practice with feeling joy and love sometimes. The word ‘hate′ replaces ‘heart′ too often, but it doesn′t have to for you. The first step is knowing if your heart chakra needs a tune up, and then how to heal it so your life feels full of happiness.

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