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Written In The Stars – Astrology 101

Astrology is a very broad subject. The science of Astrology focuses on a number of different forces, and their impact on each and every one... Read More »

A Second Chance Once In A Blue Moon

Who doesn’t get excited about a Full Moon? Almost everyone on the planet does, even people who do not subscribe to astrological tenets and... Read More »

These Surprises Are Often For The Best

I don’t know about you but I absolutely love surprises! Even the not-so-great surprises that cause me to scramble a bit to adjust to... Read More »

Now’s The Time to Start Moving Forward

On the 21st, we’re going to experience a very interesting astral energy. Jupiter will square retrograde Uranus and at the same time, trine retrograde... Read More »

What is a Void of Course Moon?

It was discussed during the New Moon blog that the Moon spends its time in the zodiac signs during its standard transit. You might read... Read More »

What Wishes Will the New Moon in Leo Grant for You?

This month we will have our New Moon arriving on August 6 and it will activate 14 degrees Leo. The lay person might not think anything of... Read More »

How to Induce Dream Content

If you are interested in dream content and like looking up the meanings of your dreams in an online dream dictionary, then you probably have... Read More »

Navigating Relationship Compatibility With A Grand Trine in Water Signs

If you are not an astrology aficionado, then the word “Grand Trine” might be a little confusing. But if you are reading astrology regularly, then... Read More »

Grand Water Trine, July 17th – 19th

July marks a very exciting astrological event… one that will help you explore the deepest corners of your emotional psyche. Known as a Grand Trine,... Read More »

Breaking Down Chinese Astrology: Chinese Zodiac 101

When you are looking for information about astrology, it is difficult to do so without coming across information about Chinese astrology as well. And in... Read More »

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