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As you can see below I've helped people from all around the world take control of their destiny and create positive change in their lives. And this is what drives me to continue creating these products and services – the ability to help others achieve their True Potential, to discover their own inner power and tap into the potential that lies inside each and every one – that's my reward... seeing others create the happiness and success they truly deserve!

At first glance Adrian's website really resonated with me. I am a new Reiki Master and have gone through an increadible (and mostly painful) period for the last decade, due to an unconciously low vibration. Transformation has come to me within the last 2 years due to my own research on (and the incorporation of) Metaphysics in my life. Not only did her reading validate my own feelings that "something hugely profound" was coming to me soon, but told me exactly what "it" was and how to navigate it to my highest and best benifit. I am so grateful for her intuition and experience, as it has already been of phenominalbenifit with regards to changing any remaining detrimental habits and perceptions. Eternal Thanks Mrs. `, you have been a blessing to me. Namaste - Christina
Christina Valenzuela
Adrian's guide explained how me being born under my sign guides me in daily life and interacting with people. Her guidance is helping me understand my dreams and my relationships and how I make my life decisions. I knew there was a deeper meaning in how and why things were happening and Adrian showed it all to me.
Stefani Dzikiy
I have thoroughly enjoyed my Guide. Every day I looked at my readings to guide me through the day. I have taken on board all of the suggestions that Adrian sent me. The journal being my main one. I would like to meet otherlike minded people in the UK to further my interest. Thank you Adrian and your team.
Barbara Miller
I feel that Adrian really knew the real me and how my destiny in front of me could shaped by following the ideas coming forth through her meditations. I am grateful for her guidance and feel that if I follow through with her suggestions, I will be on a good path towards a great future.
Sherilyn Mott
Adrian included many details that I have been struggling with; it is very accurate with many things pertaining to my life and feelings. I have many things to be looking forward too in coming months. I am very excited to know that I have been putting myself on a better path with positive thinking. To know that things really are of my own doing helps me to realize I need to change how I think so that better things come into my life rather than my worst case scenario. I am working on my Life Plan to help me with everything from desires to real life.
Courtney Bitticks
Thank you Adrian for such a complete and forward looking reading. I found it to be very enlightening with good depth and full details to make it easy to put into actions. These I will be following and am looking forward to the coming times as they will be an advancement in my life.
David Watts
My experience I had with the reading was amazing! I feel I am going to soar to higher heights! I just recently became an Ordained Minister, and I feel I am going to be able to give more attention to myself, before that of others, to take care of self, first; in doing so I will be better able to assist in helping others. I plan to refer back each week to my transit guide to remind me of what I need to do to make everything work to my best interest. Yes! I have noticed a difference already, the reading was so right on, so me! I know I will make better decision's over the next months to come! Thank you, Adrian!
Trevor Bone
My experience was much needed and at the right time. I have a better understanding of myself and reason. My future holds unlimited possibilities now with hope of truly becoming happy. I have already cleared some internal barriers and becoming in touch with my true potential.
Nancy Segler
I have been reading and reading It's like I am starving and the more I read the fuller I get, It's like I am having a Feast of so meany wonderful new things it is hard for me to say just what one is best Because right now it all taste so Good.I am starting to see who I really am the true me Mark. "Wow"
Mark Schaub
Thank you for your insightful reading. Things have improved in my life and I appreciate your help.
Sally Wainwright
I was blown away by this reading, as it very accurately diagnosed the issues of my life that I was concerned about. I want to let go of the many fears I've carried on my back for many years, and finally focus on myself: What I want and need as opposed to what others expect of me. I'm going to use my Guide as a means of giving me courage, that what I've been doing and how I've been believing, has not often resulted in the life I want for myself. As I was reading about myself, I began to feel the wheels start turning and telling me to lose my fears and just take the plunge into a new way of feeling, seeing and doing things.. A fresh start, a new way of living in harmony with my TRUE self!
Niki Gourmenis
My guide at first took some reading and understanding, because of my situation. At first I felt like I was reading a foreign language, but as it slowly sunk through the many layers of my psyche it became easy reading. I Found it invigorating and exciting so much so I cant wait for the month of June / Juno to start I am now open, ready and accepting my new life that I have waited so long for.
Esther Malik
The Guide made me open my eyes and heart to things I have been trying to avoid or shove into a corner and move on with my life. That is the problem though, I haven't been able to move on with my life. I now how some tools and techniques to get myself back to the place I want to be and put my plan into action. I feel this connection with Adrian and what she has given me to think about. I have always tried to meditate but never really understood what I was supposed to be getting out of it. I have a mind that races once I have a moment of quietness. This is something that I am now truly ready to challenge myself to do.
Mindy Woodward
This guide is truly amazing as it confirms my belief that order on the planet is controlled to a large degree by the powers in the cosmos, I recently experienced the affects of a partial lunar eclipse, and because of my daily yoga activities I noticed energy fluctuations, it passed and energy levels did resume, but it was only my knowledge of lunar activity that helped me understand how it has an effect on my energy. The same applies to our daily activities which are affected by planetary motion. The guidance from Adrian is excellent I urge people to explore astrologers such as Adrian, it is never too late too explore the power of the celestial bodies that embrace the heavens above.
Stephanie Howard
Adrian's guidance was like a breathe of fresh air. Reading made my heart beat faster and slower at the same time. Such details about me that were right on. Thanks Adrian!
Marianne Merritt
Hello my experience is the truth story about me,i fill great and excited of what is on my way.I believe the period is going to bring a great change and relief to my daily sruggles,and the expectations is so high to see a turn around in my life.
Kenneth Ehiakhamen
Adrian's predictions were described precisely of how things are with me at this time of my life. I was astounded she could tell me things I know about myself both sides. I look forward to a future following Adrian's advice & using my gifts & my awareness to my advantage. Using my Guide I look forward to a brighter future I deserve. I notice that I feel confident with my awareness. I will be more open-minded & trust my instincts & intuitions more. I will keep in my mind to have a balanced outlook & attitude instead of being too rigid in my approaches. Thanks Adrian
Eunice Jones
it has being really good ,especially about the up coming events that is coming in 6 june . u said that there will be some decision that I wil have to make that is important
John Hanna
Hello Adrian, thankyou for your reading, i have found it very accurate in many ways and puzzeling in other ways. i am sure that my questions to the puzzels will surface in due time. Thankyou once again for your help Kindest Regards Anthony
Anthony Lauria
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