Ask Charla: Life Decisions Won’t be so Hard if You Use These Stones

Posted on July 10, 2017

Questions the Stones Can Answer

When you are working with stones. They can be effective divination tools. They can answer the questions that you want to know the answers and reveal what you should do. Be prepared that the stone you choose might prompt another question, too!

It might go something like this: You have a situation in your life and you′re unsure of the right path, you consult the stones for answers, you draw a stone out of your bag, write down what you draw (when I′m doing my crystal divination, I write absolute reams down in my journal), then you can use your knowledge of the energy of the stones to determine what they are telling you.

  • Question: What′s standing in my way of getting a new job?
  • Answer: Sodalite, something needs clearing out to make way for it.
  • Question: What needs clearing away?
  • Answer: Moonstone, you′re not on the right path.
  • Question: What does the Universe want me to do?
  • Answer: Carnelian, confront whatever or whoever is holding you back.
  • Question: Won′t that be uncomfortable, won′t it create more problems?
  • Answer: Citrine, no, it will put you on the right path, and open doors for you.
  • Question: Will that lead me to a new job?
  • Answer: Hematite, yes, it will enable you to be more grounded and to make progress toward your goal.

Let it be a conversation—and don′t hesitate to chuck the stones you′ve drawn back into the bag between questions, either! If the same stone keeps coming out again, again, and again, it′s yelling at you, and you need to pay attention to its meaning!

Stones Can Help Align Your Chakras

Sometimes the reason you can′t see the right way forward, or you′re uncertain of what choice to make, is because there′s a chakra that needs a tune up. Working with the above stones helps you to clear blockages and get those energy centers functioning optimally, so you know what to do and when to do it! Of course, if you already have our reiki healing stones, you can use those, too!

  • Hematite: Hematite is a root chakra stone. When this appears in your crystals, it′s telling you that your root chakra may be under or over-active, and need a bit of a tune up. Your root chakra governs what your body needs to survive. Wear red, make sure you′re looking after your body′s physical needs, and maybe even try some reflexology to bring this chakra back into balance.
  • Carnelian: This is a sacral chakra stone. When it comes to talk to you, it′s an indication that maybe your sacral chakra needs some alignment. It′s reminding you not to use people as stepping stones to get where you want to be in your life. To bring it back into balance, think about wearing orange, and maybe adding some orange colored natural foods into your diet.
  • Citrine: This stone works with your solar plexus chakra. It′s helping you to understand there′s a new beginning in every breath, you just have to see it, and then act on it. Meditate on the color yellow—you can focus on the citrine stone if you like, or maybe on the burning flame of a yellow candle. Bringing this chakra into balance is essential to remove all uncertainty when making decisions about your life.
  • Rose Quartz: This is the love stone and works on your heart chakra. If you′ve been feeling dissatisfied with your life, or have forgotten to count your blessings, if you′ve fallen out with a friend or you′re suffering from some kind of sadness or heartache, this is the chakra that needs your attention. Envision yourself surrounded in a gentle pink bubble that reflects all negativity away from you, and let the healing begin!
  • Sodalite: Sodalite is so cleansing, and it will work with your throat chakra so that you only say what you mean and clear out unwanted thoughts from your vocabulary and your life. To balance this energy center, chant or sing to the key of G, and surround yourself in calm and cleansing blue by wearing either blue clothing or blue jewelry.
  • Amethyst: This is a very uplifting and spiritual stone. Its power and strength are in its gentleness, and it resonates with your third eye chakra. When this area is out of balance, you′ll have trouble feeling your way forward. If you′ve drawn this stone, it′s telling you that you need to do things to enhance your own intuition. Wearing indigo, wearing amethyst jewelry, and keeping a journal of your thoughts and dreams will all help you to bring this chakra back into balance.
  • Clear Quartz: This stone has so much potential because it′s possible to program it to do so many different things! If it comes to you as a chakra stone, it′s showing you that your crown chakra needs a tune up. You need to connect with your higher self. Did you get caught in the trap of thinking you knew the way forward, and then something challenged you? Prayer and meditation are the best ways to bring this chakra back into balance.


There you have it! Three very different ways you can use crystals and stones to help you with your decisions and your life choices, and three very different ways of working with them! If you need guidance to make a decision in your life, stones can be a very effective divination tool.

I hope this has helped you to find your way forward and as you continue to work with stones and crystals you′ll find even more ways they will enhance your life and lead you to personal empowerment. Always bear in mind, though, that the magic isn′t in the stone; it′s in you!

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