2014 Forecast: Important Dates and Transits You Want to Mark Down Right Now

Posted on December 31, 2013

Well my friends, it is that time of year. Some of us are sad, and some of us are glad. No matter what position you are finding yourself in right now, know that preparation is always the best key when looking to the brave new world ahead that comes with every New Year. For those that aren′t as interested in astrology as YOU are, this will be an even more depressing time of year than any other part of the year. But you my friend are fortunate enough to have the stars as your new best friends when you move forward into 2014. And let me tell you, they will never let you down. Always guiding you and directing you, and sometimes even very gently pointing out some challenges, and sometimes not so gently, but they are always there, and they are always right. They are so right in fact that some of the greatest leaders in the world are using them right this moment to see how they can shape their country in the year ahead. And they have been for years. It is no secret that Princess Diana, a Cancer, had her own set of astrologers, psychics, and mediums, to help her make decisions about her life. And she had more than one on her team that predicted her unfortunate demise, and many other things in her life that manifested as a result of her work with astrology. The Reagans as well, both Ronald and Nancy consulted with, and still do today, astrologers and psychics right in the White House itself. Do you think Obama does? It wouldn′t surprise me. But I′m not worrying about those folks today, they can work with their own Cabinets to solve their own pickles. TODAY, I am talking to YOU. What does your year ahead look like? Follow these guides with your daily horoscopes this year and mark these dates down now!

Key Themes of 2014

• Relationships are going to be BIG in 2014, epic even. Many of you, MOST of you, will be in a completely different place this time next year, especially if you want to be. Married, divorced, or starting the process of. Engagements are on the horizon. You may even be engaged to someone right now, and engaged to someone completely different this time next year. When I say epic, I mean it. So, figure out what you want right now, because the universe is about to give you absolutely everything you need to get it. THIS is the theme of 2014, so whether it is a relationship in love, or building relationships in business, get your pencils out as they are going to be very busy, and very happy, all year long. Happy New Year!

• Why: The key transits that are in play that are going to do this are Mars in Libra (happening now to May), Venus in Capricorn (happening now to March), the eclipses (game changers), and some very interesting Uranus Square Pluto activity just as 2014 wraps up that is going to reverse all bad luck compiled over the year. Are you excited yet?? You absolutely should be.

• When? Hang tight and grab your calendars!

January 2014 through March 2014

Here are the key events from astrology to make the most note of those first three months, a little bit about what they mean, and when to mark them down. I′ve talked a LOT about some of these already, so know there was a method to my madness, this is just a nutshell so you get the dates in. We will cover them in more detail as the year progresses.

• JANUARY 2014 Venus Retrograde in Capricorn: We start the year right off with this one and this lasts until January 31. Use the time to do what I mentioned earlier, really think about what you want. Also, if you think sitting around and doing nothing is going to work, prepare yourself. It′s about to get real and the game is on whether you want it to be or not.

• FEBRUARY 2014 Mercury Retrograde: The first Mercury Retrograde of 2014 will begin in Pisces and Aquarius on February 6 and go until February 28. Double check all matters pertaining to travel, communication, and devices used for travel and communication. Which, basically means everything you own. Just be careful.

• JANUARY TO FEBRUARY 2014: Jupiter opposes Pluto the planet of death and transformation on January 31 and is going to be forming a T Square to the infamous Uranus Pluto Square and will do so until February 24. Your deepest faith on your most important matter, religion, money, love, will be tested. Hang on, that′s what faith is.

April 2014 through June 2014

• APRIL 15 2014: Lunar Eclipse in Libra on April 15 will allow you to clean up some toxic chapters. It will still be uncomfortable but you will begin to feel liberated as spring dawns that you are really moving forward with your life right now. If you made poor choices in February, you are also going to meet your karmic boomerang right here.

• APRIL 23 2014: Mars in Libra is going to form a cross in all of the Cardinal Signs in a T square similar to the Jupiter conflict that occurs in Uranus Square Pluto in February. It′s potentially explosive. Your mission: to always, always, be the bigger person if the fireworks happen in a 100 mile radius to you.

• APRIL 29 2014: Full Moon in Taurus Solar Eclipse. The endings you dreamed about during the lunar eclipse will manifest now, so hopefully the decisions you made were good ones. These are game changers. If you have come this far in 2014 and haven′t made one solid move forward, here′s the time.

• JUNE 7 TO JULY 1 2014: Mercury Retrograde in Gemini. We will cover these in more detail as we reach this point of the year. If you are booking summer travel plans during this period, make sure you cover all of your bases in arrangements about 7 different ways to Sunday before you leave.

July 2014 to September 2014

It′s interesting that this will be your quietest part of the year when it comes to astrological transits. Interesting because the end of 2014 is now in sight, and this is a wonderful time to take stock of the year, and look at how you really want to manifest change in your life before the dawn of 2015 is here before we know it. And, given that this is the late summer, early Fall, the tone of the season is about harvesting. What miracles do you want to harvest by the end of 2014? This time of the year is your gift from astrology to not worry about what aspects are in play, as there are no major aspects to discuss at this time. Sit back, relax, and enjoy what you have created thus far. And make your to do lists for how to finish 2014 off with a bang. The good news? Some eclipses are right around the corner to help you finish 2014 with the game changing moves you so desire.

October 2014 to December 2014

• OCTOBER 2 TO OCTOBER 25: Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio. Yikes! Scorpio is not going to let us go easy on this one, so hang on tight for this. Like all other Merc Retro periods, just keep your eyes open, you I′s dotted, and your t′s crossed. At all times.

• OCTOBER 8, OCTOBER 23: Lunar and Solar Eclipses. On October 8 you get a New Moon in Libra which is your lunar eclipse, and on October 23 you will get a Full Moon in Aries which is your solar eclipse. Your last ditch chance at changing the game. This is occurring during a mercury retrograde period, so don′t expect it to be easy, the universe is definitely making you earn it, so you can definitely expect the rewards to be nothing short of miraculous.

• OCTOBER 2 TO OCTOBER 25: Grand Trine in Fire Signs. A grand fire trine occurs when Uranus and Jupiter trine in the fire signs. Both of these planets are about freedom. So at this point at the end of the year, when you are dealing with the stress of Merc Retro and the eclipses you get an exciting aspect to help you free yourself from whatever it is that is weighing you down. And the solutions are going to be very out of the box, genius even, and equally liberating.

• DECEMBER 14 2014: Uranus Square Pluto magnifies in Aries and Capricorn. The Uranus Pluto square is one that is in play until 2025 as I previously discussed. Its energy isn′t intense all year round though, so I want you to be clear on that. It ebbs and it flows. Unfortunately, one of its ebbing moments is on December 14, 2014, and calamaties are possible. This is going to be a dig deep, grit your teeth, buckle up and just….get through it period. Watch your money now and the hangovers and bills that will arrive within the next 30 days will be much less stressful. If you can get through this, you will have mastered every test called upon you for 2014. Come December 15, 2014 I want you to sit back, and enjoy your hard work.

And there you have it folks. Everything you need to know about how to plan your most important things for the year 2014 using astrology as your guide. Of course I did not touch on every single aspect that will be cropping up, but the ones that you need to pay attention to the most, right now. Each of these transits will come with an in depth discussion and checklists in future articles to help you get through them. So don′t think I′m dropping this all in your lap and telling you, Good luck with that! We will be discussion each of these things, and more, as we move through 2014. These are the things that can get you thinking about it now though, so you can really change your life if you want it to. And as always, this is only just the start of the conversation. If there is at topic that you want me to look at, be sure to pop your suggestions in the comments. I′m always open to writing about what you want to talk about, so welcome any ideas or suggestions as we move to 2014.

And that′s it for me for today folks, and for 2013! Before I sign off for the year, I want to take just a moment to say thank YOU to all of you that come here to join our community faithfully every day, every week, and every month, and have made it what it is today in the year 2013. You are our blessings. We look forward to growing together with you on your journey in the bright years ahead. From all of us here at Astrology Answers, to each and every single one of you and yours, may the universe bless you, every one. And may your 2014 be shiny and bright. Happy holidays and happy 2014!

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