2014 Love Checklist With Mars Retrograde in Libra: Fight of Your Life.

Posted on December 24, 2013

I′ve been talking a lot lately about what the relationship planets have been doing. Venus has been in Capricorn for a while and will soon go retrograde. I hope you found our tips and checklists for these important transits helpful to you. These Venus transits will have a very powerful way in how you relate to the most important people in your life through to March 2014. This applies to both work and love for all of those men that like to hear about the money stuff! If you want to use these transits and checklists to your advantage in work, they will work with the people you relate to professionally as much as they will with the people you relate to romantically. So Venus in Capricorn is going to be about getting very real about what you want, going after it, and then getting it. I also discussed the other transit that is occurring with the other relationship planet, Mars in Libra. This transit is also a lengthy one and one that is going to be very helpful in terms of getting what we want in love as well. But, like Venus in Capricorn, Mars in Libra will be going retrograde for a spell as well. And, like his friend Venus, this is going to have a very specific effect on the ways in which this impacts your love life. But as you learned when we discussed the potential for abundance when Venus goes Retrograde in Capricorn, the same notion applies to Mars going retrograde in Libra. This is yet another period for you to come to grips with what you want, and how you go about getting it. How can you make the most of this period? I′m going to give you the checklist that is going to help you do just that! So let′s get to it.

Key Themes of Mars Retrograde in Libra

• Mars: The other relationship Planet. Where Venus breeds desire in beautiful things, Mars breeds desire and drive, sex, and personal aggression. What gets you out of bed in the morning? Sex? Work? Making breakfast to nurture your partner? The next step in your action plan to finding your perfect partner?

• Libra: The Relationship and Partnership Sign. Libra requires diplomacy and justice, balance, partners, equality, higher level thinking, skilled and fair communication.

• Retrograde: When any planet retrogrades it is always about taking stock, like Venus. Review progress, revise action plan, proceed….with caution, but definitely proceed.

• When the relationship planet slows down in a sign that commands partnership, relationships are going to be paramount. Even the guy who you thought would never commit. His drive to do so will be almost compelling. Or the girl that can′t seem to open up to you? Will begin pouring her heart out. The drive is going to be very overpowering for all of us.

• When? March 1, 2013 to May 19, 2014.

Your Checklist (To Do List) For Navigating Mars Retrograde in Libra

• As the planet of drive, Mars can be, and can get pretty heated. This can be aggravating. Libra doesn′t like drama under any circumstances. You can expect some social fires to crop up that are inflammatory and a little bit grating. Keep the proverbial emotional baking soda kicking around to douse anything out that might crop up. You′ll be seen as the hero by the person you need to see that most, in work AND in love.

• As much as Libra likes decisions, she CAN be a little indecisive. And as much as she needs to have a partner, this indecisiveness can and will be aggravated. Begin practicing what being patient feels like. What you want is coming to you, but if you are going to play into this age of instant gratification where you are going to pout when it doesn′t come when you want it to, you are going to trip yourself up. Patience is definitely a virtue right now. I know it′s tough, trust me I know. But you′ll thank me for it, I know.

• Generally speaking, Mars is very confident and goes after precisely what “He” wants. Libra′s inability to decide stalls “him”. As well, he is intimidated by the higher level thinking in Libra. This weakens his confidence a little bit. So, if the person you are waiting to take that next step with seems to be stalling, hold on, my friend, just hold on. Mars is just stopping to evaluate all measures. He′s still very sure of what he wants or he wouldn′t even be here in the first place. Give him time.

• The need to be partnered is driving him as much as it is driving you, even if the two of you are showing it in different ways. It′s important to have faith in that through this possibly uncomfortable process.

• This particular placement sometimes means a little bit of a fight. Mars in Libra has a tendency to fight the social structure, the social scene, partners. You both will really have to fight for each other and what you have at times, but it will be worth it. You will both discover who is, and who isn′t, worth fighting for. It is definitely a gloves are off kind of energy, but if the end result is getting what you want, again, isn′t that worth it? If you′ve been waiting for him to fight for you, or her to fight for you, it is going to happen. You will fight for the other person at the risk of your own personal happiness. It could be painful, but it will also be liberating as you will find they wind up doing the same thing for you. If you are single, or want to be single, you will come out the victor in any “fights” you engage in to get what you want in love as well. Fight for what you want, victory is assured.

• Mars retrograde in Libra is also going to bring out a mean side in some people. Issues that deal with fairness and equality are going to come to light at the global level. You may have to fight for yourself, or for someone that you love, if they are not being treated fairly by society. A single act of such a valiant act of love could be the very thing that makes the other person, on the fence about commitment, jump into your arms for the rest of your life.

• Random acts of kindness on the ones you love most if you are attached are a must during this period. Alleviate the fight phases by injecting the gaps in between with the light and purity of unconditional love through the simplest acts. And, if you are single, do the same thing but with your fellow human beings instead of the partner you don′t have….yet.

And there you have it friends. Everything you need to know to keep you prepared and excited when this wonderful transit arrives. Remember what I said about the uncertainty that will be dispelled during Venus in Capricorn? That is step one in your action plan of love finally getting real for you. Mars retrograde in Libra is going to shake up your horoscopes every single day of this transit by putting action under the “getting real” that happened when Venus went retrograde in Capricorn. Mars is going to get it done. Those that want someone, are going to get it. And those that don′t are as well, but expect to see a lot of wedding invitations come around next summer, more than you would normally see. How about you? While you read this I know that you were wishing something. Were you wishing to have a ring on your finger this time next year? Were you wishing that she would come back to you? Were you wishing that he finally just made things exclusive for once in a while? Whatever wish you make during Venus retrograde in Capricorn is going to come true when Mars goes retrograde in Libra. So, remember what I said, make it a good one. You don′t have to be lost in love, if you don′t want to. What are you going to wish for, I want to know!

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