6 Ways to Use Mercury Retrograde to Reunite or Reconnect With a Twin Flame

Posted on April 30, 2016

It′s here! A Mercury retrograde period is upon us. Yes, Mercury retrograde can wrinkle up our communications, travel plans, contacts, messages, and gadgets (as Mercury rules all of these things). Yes, that can really ruin your day - if you let it. When you choose to embrace the potential of this period, this is the very moment when you will really see miracles happen.

For work and money matters, hit the pause button and use this period for planning your success that is destined to occur later in the year. As far as love is concerned, Mercury retrograde can actually be a good thing, especially for twin flames and soulmates. That′s good news for you! Once you do a backflip on Mercury doing the backflip, then it is much easier to embrace the purpose of Mercury′s slow zone you will find Mercury retrograde can actually be quite a blessing in disguise.

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Can Mercury Retrograde be Positive?

• The Bad News: In love and relationship matters, don′t let the Mercury retrograde get you down. it can be easy to see wires crossed and breakups frequently occur during Mercury retrograde. Breakups are common during Mercury retrograde because we are all ‘going backward′ a little bit, and relationships can have setbacks too. It′s especially true for relationships that are already on the brink. If yours is rock solid, don′t sweat it. That′s the extent of the bad news.

• The Good News: The good news is that once Mercury resumes its forward motion, all of those wrinkles caused by the retrograde will get smoothed over. I have yet to see a breakup that happened Mercury retrograde that actually stuck and the couple didn′t bounce right back together sooner than later. Don′t fret the worst, even when hiccups happen. They have a way of correcting themselves. When it comes to love, that′s where a lot of us need miracles the most. Sound a little all too familiar?

• The Even Better News: Soul mates and twin flames are a magical part of Mercury retrograde. It′s because past connections have a way of reappearing under Mercury retrograde. Nostalgia and blasts from the past are not only common, but highly probable, during this time. Our soul mates and our twin flames are all part of our past lives. This is a magical twin flame time for you.

• The Power of Gemini: Mercury is the ruling planet of the Gemini zodiac sign. Gemini is represented by the twins and symbol II, which is also the symbol for twin flames. It signifies two one′s uniting (which is why Gemini kind of has a bit of a split personality sometimes). Geminis are very torn between these personalities many times. Mercury rules over twins and twin flame experiences, the number II or 11 is just one-half of that equation at any given moment in time, with or without Mercury retrograde.

6 Ways Mercury Retrograde Ignites Twin Flames

• The 11:11 Phenomenon: This is why the symbol 11:11 is such a powerful wish omen or spiritual symbol for twin flames. It signifies that your twin flame could be near, or that connecting with them has been on your mind a lot and you should make this a priority. You could see 11 a lot during Mercury retrograde and that is always an opportunity for you to enter the portal to connect with your twin flame.

• Tarot and the Lovers: Gemini also rules The Lovers card in tarot. This card, which is denoted by the number 6 in the major arcana, epitomizes the ultimate love connection. The twin flame experience is a union that is based on unconditional love, peace, and harmony. There is a difference between soulmates and twin flames. 11 is the twin flame number, 6 is the soulmate number. Both soulmates and twin flames resonate on unconditional love. Where twin flames differ is that its love is also romantic, passionate, and sexual. Your child or your friend can be a

soulmate, but is not your twin flame. We only have 1 twin flame, our literal other-half

• The Power of 6: 6 is the number of The Lovers in tarot and it is also the soulmate number. We can have many soulmates, and those patterns in our lives operate under the frequency and vibration of number 6. 6 is the soul mate number that resonates peace and harmony in relationships and it is another number to look out for and pay attention to if you see it recurring in your daily life.

•Blasts from the Past: The past will touch base if it needs to during Mercury retrograde, as retrograde periods make a planet appear to move backward. A retrograde period for any planet is a call from the planet to move backward in time. When a planet is direct, it exerts its influence on external events. When a planet is in retrograde, the focus is on internal experiences, or on past external events. Expect a lot of blasts from the past during Mercury retrograde. These meeting could be running into an old flame or a friend you have lost touch with. Anyone that has reunited with a twin flame during Mercury retrograde will tell you that is a very, very good thing.

• Karma Plays a Role: Karma and retrograde periods go hand in hand. Our past actions will come back into play under Mercury retrograde. This is why breakups and falling outs frequently happen during this transit, and why many relationships bounce back together. I don′t have many stories of breakups that last when they occur during Mercury retrograde, but I can′t count the number of stories I have of couples that got back together during Mercury retrograde.

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Concluding Thoughts

Mercury retrograde can actually improve your love life. If you have been thinking about an old flame or past connection, and wondering what to do about it, make a move. Either nothing will come of it or something exciting will happen. Just because Mercury is retrograde doesn′t mean that your life comes to a halt. It could go backward in a very special way. Have you heard from your twin flame or soulmate the past few days? Do you want to? Make a move! Then report back all the juicy details of your success story!

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