How to Rule the World as a Taurus

Taurus is the second zodiac sign in the astrological calendar. The bull is your mascot. It symbolizes stability, a grounded nature, determination, and strength. With... Read More »

Ask Charla: How to Read Runes

Welcome to another edition of ‘Ask Charla’! I’ve been enjoying answering your questions for the past few weeks. I hope that you have been... Read More »

How to Do Your Own Rune Stone Reading

Rune stones give you immediate answers to your deepest and most personal questions. Runes are profound, yet very easy to use. Unlike many other forms... Read More »

An Introduction to Rune Stones

Have you ever just wished you could know the answer to the most pressing issues in your life? Well, you can, and all you need... Read More »

7 Facts About the Crown Chakra You Should Know

Working with chakras is popular these days, because it’s easy to do and very effective. Chakra is the Sanskrit word for ‘wheel,’ and it’... Read More »

7 Facts About the Brow / Third-eye Chakra You Should Know

Chakra and chakra healing is popular now, and with good reason. They’re the energy centers that keep your life in harmony. When they’re... Read More »

7 Facts About the Heart Chakra You Should Know

You’ve probably heard a bit about chakras, especially if you go to yoga regularly. Chakras are important to your health and well-being because they’... Read More »

7 Facts About the Throat Chakra You Should Know

You’ve probably heard people talking about their chakras, or read articles about them online, but just what does it all mean—and where is... Read More »

7 Facts About the Solar Plexus Chakra You Should Know

Chakra healing seems very popular at the moment—and with good reason! Chakras are energy centers that run up the spine from the tailbone to... Read More »

7 Facts You Should Know About the Sacral Chakra

Learning about chakras, are the energy that run from the base of the spine to the top of your head, seem to be en vogue... Read More »

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