3 Times Mercury Retrograde Actually Changed Elections

Anything can happen during an election. That’s especially true during Mercury Retrograde — a time when astrology followers grumble and groan at the havoc wreaked... Read More »

Fire Signs Spotlight:  Why We Love Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius

It’s a fiery month of Fire Signs, thanks to the awesome astrology energy that Cardinal Fire Sign Aries is sprinkling onto us all. You... Read More »

3 Stress-Reducing Chakra Healing Exercises

Your chakras are the 7 main energy centers in your body. If they are out of alignment or blocked, it can have a significant impact on... Read More »

9 Ways to Show Gratitude All Year Long

It’s gratitude season again! Are you feeling thankful yet? Or has the chaos of life and the world just been dragging you down. If... Read More »

Healing Crystals: 4 Ways Crystal Healing Can Improve Your Life Today

We are going to talk about another tool to put in your toolbox today friends, and this is one you can use in conjunction with... Read More »

Chinese Zodiac 2016: How to Get Lucky in the Year of the Monkey

How do you want to get lucky in the Chinese year of the monkey? We are now about to enter another very fascinating period for... Read More »

The Biggest FAQs About Dreams

At Astrology Answers, we get a lot of questions about dreams. Dreams about falling, dreams about death, dreams about your father, dreams about teeth, and... Read More »

Numerology 2016 Forecast: 9 Ways to Rock The Year of the 9

We are officially at the end of the year, with only minutes left to spare. Are you happy with how 2015 has been to you? Or... Read More »

7 Ways to Reduce Stress with Chakra Healing Over the Holidays

When it comes to the holidays what is the first word that comes to your mind? Stress is the first word that comes to a... Read More »

Go Retro: How to Discover Past Life Secrets in Retrograde Transits

We’ve been talking a lot about retrograde planets lately, and that’s largely because we have two retrogrades in play right now, and we’... Read More »

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