Fireworks or Flameout: Relationship Compatibility in Sex and Love

Are you wondering if your special someone is compatible with you? Do you wonder if your relationship has what it takes to last for the... Read More »

Chiron Return in Pisces & Synchronicity: Where are Your Wounds?

In our last discussion on one of the masters of synchronicity, our wounded healer Chiron, we discussed what a synchronicity is, and the mythology behind... Read More »

Exploring the Five Supernatural Senses: Do You Have Them?

Everyone is a little psychic. What supernatural superpowers do you have? It’s kind of a trick question, because everyone has them, or at least... Read More »

Love Astrology for Scorpio: Scorpio Love Horoscopes 2014 and 2015

Scorpio has many opportunities this year to light someone’s fire of love! Who will it be? Happy birthday Scorpio! This year looks to be... Read More »

How to Keep Calm in Mercury Retrograde

It’s that time of year again - Mercury is about to go retrograde. Are you scared? Hanging on for dear life? You don’t... Read More »

Your Checklist for the New Moon in Lovable Libra

Well it is that time again friends, time for astrology to give you answers with the monthly gift of a New Moon! And this time... Read More »

Mother’s Day Shopping Guide Astrology Style: By the Zodiac Sign!

Well we are just a few days away from celebrating and honoring the most amazing people on the planet, moms! Are you ready for Mother’... Read More »

Navigating Lucky Jupiter Direct in Cancer Through the Zodiac Signs

We are going to switch gears for a little bit my friends, and examine another exciting aspect that Universe is sending our way. And this... Read More »

Holiday Gift Giving Guide Through the Zodiac Signs

‘Tis the season to be stressed out, fa la la la la, la la la la. Isn’t it though? And it really doesn’t... Read More »

Relationship Wake Up Call: Uranus Square Pluto Checklist

We are living in tough times. So many people that are in a certain generation right now can be found saying at one time over... Read More »

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