Decode Your Astrology Birth Chart: The Second House

The second house in astrology is the house that reveals your income, your assets, your talents, and your attitudes toward them. You’ll discover a... Read More »

Decode Your Astrology Birth Chart: The First House

In astrology, your birth chart is divided into twelve houses. The first house reveals the first impressions you make on others. You might show more... Read More »

Ask Charla: 9 Things You Should do Every Month on the Full Moon

It’s that time again my friends, Ask Charla time! We are also just one day away from another one of our monthly gifts from... Read More »

Aries, Check Out These 5 Books You Need to Read

Aries people are passionate; they are a fire sign and have a lot of spark after all. Arians are existentially minded. They are wise and... Read More »

How to Give Your Chakras Some Love Using Reiki Stones

There are many tools at your disposal when it comes to self-improvement and working to heal yourself. Most of those will help you work on... Read More »

Aries, do You Want to be Successful? Follow these 10 Tips

Aries begins the zodiac; it’s a fierce astrological sign ruled by the planet Mars. This fire sign’s motto is “I am.” It simply... Read More »

5 Benefits of Reiki Stones Healing You Need to Know

The word reiki comes from two Japanese words. The first is rei, which relates to a higher power. The second is ki, which means energy... Read More »

Aries, Here’s Your 2017-2018 Birthday Horoscope

Happy Birthday, Aries! 2017 looks full of opportunities for you! The planet Uranus is still hanging out in your zodiac sign, and it’s going to... Read More »

What Your Zodiac Sign and the Planets Reveal About Your Health

You probably already know what Sun sign you are. You might even know your Sun sign’s ruling planet. However, did you know that every... Read More »

5 Books a Pisces Needs to Read

Pisces is a creative, deeply emotional and intelligent astrological sign. Symbolized by the fish, Pisceans belong to the water element of the zodiac. As such,... Read More »

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