Harnessing the Energy of Your Zodiac Birthstone

Most jewelry stores and gift shops sell items according to zodiac birthstones. You may already even know what your birthstones is - they’re usually... Read More »

The Real Origins of Halloween

Trick or Treat! It’s that time of year when the young and the young at heart turn their attention to costumes, candy, and celebrations.... Read More »

Curses & Hauntings: How to Fight the Halloween Spirits

The shops are packed with Halloween decorations, and the news is full of scary advertisements and promotions for ghoul-fests and haunted houses, so it’s... Read More »

5 Questions You Should Never Ask an Astrologer

We hear a wide variety of questions here at Astrology Answers. And astrologers, psychics, and people who work with divination tools (the tarot, runes, the... Read More »

Why Your Zodiac Sun Sign Changes

There’s been plenty of buzz lately about zodiac sun signs changing lately—and the truth is, they do. This happens more frequently than you... Read More »

Connecting Your North and South Nodes, Past Lives, and Karma

You might not have heard much about the North Node, as it isn’t a planet or a fixed point in your birth chart. This... Read More »

Focus on Relationships with Jupiter in Libra

The jovial giant of planetary joy has been transiting through Virgo for the last 13 months, but as of September 9, we’re under the influence of... Read More »

Understanding the Planets in Astrology

When it comes to the planets, they each have their own distinct personalities and purposes. Each planet in our Universe is... Read More »

Lunar Eclipse in Pisces — Be Cool & Stay Close to Friends

Hot on the heels of the recent solar eclipse is September 16 lunar eclipse. What do you need to know? Well, many of the things that... Read More »

Surviving a Solar Eclipse During Mercury Retrograde

Eclipses always bring with them some kind of a clout, and September’s solar eclipse is no exception, especially with Mercury being retrograde in Virgo... Read More »

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