Ask Charla: Astrology & Your Free Will

Posted on May 04, 2017

You′re still with me for the fourth edition of ‘Ask Charla′. I first started learning my art in the 1970s, where I spent hours laboring with a slide rule and an ephemeris to cast and interpret birth charts. I hope to pass some of my knowledge along to you! I answer one question from one fo our fans once a week and here is this week′s fascinating inquiry:

“Does astrology take away from the autonomy of the individual?”

Astrology & Free Will — A Contradiction?

This question is very interesting, and one we actually get fairly frequently. I′m an astrologer, but I also firmly believe in the concept of free will. I don′t see this as a contradiction, using astrology and believing in free will? There are some things that astrology can do, and some that it can′t.

Astrology can:

  • Help you to understand your personality
  • Guide you into the correct timing for important decisions
  • Reveal patterns of behavior that might need to be overcome
  • Assist you in finding your innate talents
  • Lead you to discovering your heart′s desire
  • Aid you in exploring the potential of other people
  • Walk you through important discoveries about your life
  • Help you to learn how to help yourself

Astrology can′t:

  • Tell you who to marry
  • Force you to do something you don′t want to do
  • Predict how many kids you′ll have
  • Reveal the date you′re going to die
  • Give you the winning lottery numbers
  • Fix all your money problems
  • Find your true love
  • Make you instantly happy

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