7 Facts About the Brow / Third-eye Chakra You Should Know

Posted on April 19, 2017

4) What Happens When the Brow / Third-eye Chakra Is Overactive?

It′s easy to become delusional when this area is out of balance. You take things to the extreme, creating your reality from what you perceive rather than what is actually happening.

You might blow things out of proportion, and are easily swayed by mystics and false prophets, because they allow you to escape from the banal world you feel you live in. You have trouble discerning fantasy from truth.

Muted shades of lilac and lavender will help you to restore the balance to an overactive third-eye. Your purple reiki stone will work, as will the purple on your chakra pendulum to heal this chakra and bring it into balance again.

Wearing muted purple headbands is also useful, as is purple jewelry. There are many beautiful purple stones that will enhance this chakra. Relaxing baths or showers with your favorite lavender bath products will also work in helping you bring harmony to your third-eye chakra, as will meditating on the color purple.

5) What Happens When the Brow / Third-eye Chakra Is Underactive?

You might feel disheartened if this chakra is underactive. Skepticism, lack of motivation, and fear are all signs that this area needs a tune up. Perhaps you′re too attached to things in your life and are having trouble moving forward.

Maybe you feel uninspired, or that you′ve no sense of direction and purposein life. Your intuition is dormant, or you don′t trust it, or you′re frightened by it. You don′t believe in anything you can′t see.

To bring things back into balance, you have to find a way to let go of the fear. While danger is real, fear is imagined. Bright purple colors will be the best ones to stimulate the third-eye chakra.

Spend time meditating, and work through why you feel these irrational fears. Learn to trust your intuition again. Keep a dream journal, and take note of any recurring dreams. This is your unconscious self, trying to speak with you.

6) How does my Brow / Third-Eye Chakra Relate to Energy?

The sixth layer of the subtle body is the celestial layer. This is where you make your connection to the divinity in which you believe—by whatever name you want to call it. It′s the gateway to your higher self. It′s where you taste the true meaning of compassion, and where you can rise to the heights of spiritual ecstasy.

When this area is working optimally, you′re calm and collected, not in competition with anyone—not even yourself. You know how to push yourself to make the most of what you have, but you don′t criticize or judge yourself.

You are complete, and aware of this, even though you also accept that you′re still a work in progress. You have plans and you know what needs to be done to make them a reality. You′re one with your spirituality, and your faith is healthy and strong.

7) What can I do to Heal the Brow / Third-eye Chakra?

Massage is an amazing way of relaxing and regrouping. How many times have you been stressed, and found some relief by rubbing your temples or the base of your skull? This is because the third-eye chakra is in that area of your skull, and by massaging your temples, you′re actually bringing healing to it.

Massaging this area with essential oils is more difficult because it′s not always practical to get the oils into your hair! However, they can still be used. One way is to use an oil diffuser. Add a few drops of a third-eye essential oil to the burner, and inhale deep relaxing breaths.

Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. Focus on the color purple (bright if you want to stimulate your chakra, muted if you want to settle it), and let the oil do its work. Suitable selections might be patchouli, cypress, or clary sage.


It′s not hard to see why this area has to be open and balanced in order for you to make your way through life in a harmonious and fulfilled way. When it needs a tune up, you′ll start to doubt your sense of reality, and question what has validity.You′ll be easily persuaded by others, and they might not always be looking out for your best interests.

You become fearful of what might happen, whether those fears have any root in reality or not. Once the third-eye chakra is working properly again, you′ll feel much more at peace with things. Your hunches and dreams won′t frighten you. You′ll be able to easily discern truth from deception, and be able to move ahead with making your plans a reality.

Balancing this area is necessary for you to live a life that has just enough imagination to allow you to dream and make your life journey interesting, without going overboard into a world of uncertainty or illusion.

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