How a Chakra Pendulum Helps You Heal

Posted on October 17, 2016

You make decisions, every moment of every day. Some of these are conscious, like where to park or what to eat, and some of them are more abstract and don’t take as much awareness. Wouldn’t it be amazing if you had a tool to help you choose from all the options available—something that could help you to make the choices that keep you in harmony with the universe, and thus makes your life flow more smoothly? That’s just one of the reasons to use a chakra pendulum.

Pendulums are one of the oldest forms of divination—they’re an ancient way of seeing into the unknown and helping with your direction in life. They bring you insights on other people’s points of view and enable you to connect with your guides and your inner self on a deeper level, and the best part is, pendulums are pretty easy to use—you don’t have to be a magician or psychic. The pendulum is able to pick up the vibes from other people and help you to understand how to deal with them and the situations you’re in with them. It will bring you answers from your unconscious so that you learn more about what you really want from your life. Your pendulum will even help you to find missing objects!

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The Colors on a Chakra Pendulum

There’s a color sequence on a chakra pendulum, and it’s there for a purpose. Those colors all relate to your chakras, which are energy centers that run from the base of your spine to the top of your head. Every color connects to the next, and when your chakras are balanced you are balanced and empowered too. Let’s take a look at those colors:

  • Starting from the bottom, the root chakra is red. This color helps you to find your enthusiasm for life, and it’s where your unconscious lies. If you’re anxious or stressed, this chakra could be out of alignment. When it’s unbalanced, you may experience disrupted sleep, periods of nervous energy, and an inability to relax and enjoy life.
  • The next color is orange, and it relates to the sacral chakra. Orange is a very protective color, and working with it makes it easier to manifest the ‘Law of Attraction,’ so that you draw to you the things that you want. This chakra is associated with your ‘gut feelings’ about things, and when it’s not aligned then it creates problems with emotional outbursts—both positive and negative—and perhaps issues when it comes to sexual intimacy.
  • Yellow comes after orange. This color aligns with your navel chakra, and that’s right where it sounds like it would be—behind your belly-button. Yellow is a communicative color, and this chakra’s role is to balance your confidence and sense of self-worth. When all’s functioning harmoniously, you put your ideas across clearly and reasonably. However, issues here create arrogance. Physically, digestive problems might occur.
  • In the middle of all the chakra colors is green, and it vibrates with the heart chakra. This is the bridge between the upper and lower chakras and is the gateway to higher levels of consciousness and understanding. Green is a very peaceful and healing color. The heart chakra has to be in balance for you to find peace and healing. It’s where compassion and kindness lie, and the home of unconditional love. When this area is not functioning optimally, relationships suffer, with you either becoming attached and needy, or cold and distant, towards others. If you feel that there are physical repercussions because of distress here, please see your doctor, as the heart is too important an organ to be trivialized.
  • The next color is blue, and it’s associated with the throat chakra. Blue is also healing, and the color of receptivity, and how you convey your ideas to others. It’s not surprising that it rules over the vocal cords. When this chakra is functioning correctly, it’s easy to be heard. People respect what you have to say, and they listen to your words. When this area is unstable, though, then you’ll feel that no one takes you seriously and that your words have no value. This, in turn, creates either shyness and reserve, or the need to talk over and interrupt others. Physically, it manifests as sore throats, laryngitis, and other maladies that interfere with communication.
  • Now we get to the area that’s most discussed, the brow chakra or the ‘third eye’. This is the most popular and least understood of all chakras, and it’s color is purple. You’ll hear people talking about opening or seeing things with their third eye. What this means is that they’re seeing things psychically. When this chakra is neither under nor over stimulated, you’ll have amazing insights into things. However, it’s all too easy to get deluded when this area is imbalanced, and that happens more frequently than folks want to admit. This is where you get too carried away when it comes to bringing the mysterious into your everyday life, or where you get uninspired, and start to feel that life isn’t magical enough for you.
  • The last color is indigo, the crown chakra. This is found at the top or just above the head, where an angel’s halo might be said to rest. This is the chakra that draws all the energy up from the root chakra through the others. If this is out of balance, you’ll either have issues accepting yourself for who you are; or you’ll try to make everything in your life have some kind of spiritual or magical meaning. Anxiety and headaches manifest when this area isn’t functioning correctly—and it won’t function properly if the other chakras aren’t doing so

Chakra Cleansing Helps Heal

The chakra pendulum should never be used as a replacement for medical treatment, but it’s a great ally to have in conjunction with your doctor’s advice. Use it to help you determine allergies, whether a particular system of your body needs attention, how fresh your food is, how pure your water is, and more. If you use feng shui, ask your pendulum where to place things. If you garden, ask it where to plant.

Do you use tarot cards or other oracles? Your chakra pendulum will pick them for you! Simply dangle it over the cards, coins, stones, or whatever else you use, and let it do its thing. Dangle it over a map when choosing a place to live, or move for a job, or take a vacation. Hold it over a calendar to help you choose appropriate dates for events. You might even want to use it over photographs, to see if someone is worth your time! The list is endless and is only limited by how you chose to work with your pendulum.

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Like anything else, it’s a tool, and the more you use it, the better you’ll understand it. In fact, it’s one of the simplest yet most effective tools you’ll ever use, because of the way that it connects with the Earth’s rotation and gravity, and the wisdom of the cosmos. Everything in the chakra pendulum (including the colors) are there for one reason: to help guide you through your life to make the most of it. The reasons to use a chakra pendulum are infinite, and while it’s great fun, it’s also not a toy. It’s a valuable companion that links you with the rest of creation, and that’s something to respect, indeed.

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