7 Facts About the Crown Chakra and How to Tune it

Posted on March 18, 2017

7) What can I do to Heal the Crown Chakra?

Massage has been a form of healing therapy for millenniums, and head massage even has it′s own area of expertise. Known as shiroabhyanga, it′s one of many different massage techniques used by alternative healers to balance energy in the body.

There are many benefits to a good head massage, including helping you to avoid headaches, neck-aches, and backaches; relieving tension and promoting relaxation and stress-free living, and increasing energy levels and the capacity to remember things.

Using essential oils on the scalp is beneficial, but not always practical, for they get into your hair. However, it′s possible to get the benefit from essential oils even without using them in a head massage.

Oil diffusers are one way of doing this. Add a few drop of a crown-chakra oil to the warmer. Breathe deeply, in through your nose and out through your mouth, and feel the scent of the oils working on your crown chakra to bring it back into balance. Myrrh, helichrysum, and spikenard are just three of the more popular oils for this area.


The crown chakra needs to be balanced and functioning optimally for you to have a healthy relationship with yourself and with divinity, but it′s important that you don′t start working on your chakras from the top downwards.

All the other chakras have to be in balance first, which is why it′s always recommended to start at the root chakra and work upwards. You′ll know when this specific area needs a tuneup because your faith will wobble, and you′ll feel uninspired about your life.

You may even start to believe in your own self-importance, and belittle those around you. Once this area is balanced again, your faith in yourself and your divinity will be restored and flowing happily.

You′ll see that you don′t need to be more or less important than anyone else, you just need to be. It′s that acceptance that will bring you the joy and fulfillment that you were meant to experience in this lifetime.

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