Why it’s Easy to Love a Leo

Posted on July 22, 2016
leo zodiac compatibility

Zodiac Sign: Leo (July 23 - Aug 22)

Element: Fire

Quality: Fixed

Hey, Leo, it’s your time to shine! The Sun is making it′s way through your chart for the next month or so, and it′s time to start a new cycle and show the world what you′re made of! As a Leo, you′re full of optimism, energy, and more than a little pride! It′s easy for you to think that you rule the world, and hard for you when you find out you don′t!

You′re not one to put up with of the mundane side of life, either. You get bored easily and need to be in the thick of things. You like to know what′s going on, and you feel very vulnerable and hurt if you′re left out of things. You like attention, you like to be complimented and appreciated, and that′s not a bad thing — just make sure you′ve earned it.

Because your heart is so big, it′s easy for others to try to take advantage of you. That will make you sulk quicker than anything because you expect respect and courtesy. Yes, you get hurt easily, but you also forgive easy. You′re sympathetic and understanding, and a lot of your bravado is to cover up what you truly feel. You live your life very intensely. You′re very loyal, but it′s easy for that loyalty to turn to possessiveness, for that devotion to turn into jealousy. You have boundaries, and you will vehemently stand up for and defend what you believe is yours. Your ego borders on conceit, but it′s easy to love a Leo because you are so gregarious and caring. Here′s what you need to know about getting along with others, according to their Sun sign.

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You′re both fire signs, so you′re going to have a lot in common. Aries needs space, and Leo understands that. The sticking point can be when it comes to keeping up appearances. You need to feel appreciated, where Aries really doesn′t care what people think of them. Just make sure that doesn′t include you!


Start by realizing you′re both just as stubborn as the other. You also both need to feel appreciated. This is great when it′s all working in harmony, but when you′re on opposite sides, it can be harder to handle. You′re going to have to learn to enjoy staying in with your Taurus, but you can probably encourage Taurus to get out and about with you, too. Compromise is the key, here!


Both you and Gemini are adventurous and gregarious and social. You′re likely to spend a lot of time with friends, and enjoying deep conversations. Gemini does like to flirt, though, and that can bring out your jealous side. There can be competition for attention here, too, so you′re going to both have to be willing to share the spotlight.


This can be hard because both you and Cancer are very vulnerable when it comes to getting your feelings hurt. Cancer is needy, and you can find that tiring. However, if you′re prepared to give Cancer the time and attention that is needed, Cancer will return that, giving you all the attention and the accolade that you need. Just make sure you don′t get co-dependent with each other in your need to be appreciated.

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It′s easy to love and Leo, and you may even feel like you′re looking in the mirror sometimes with this relationship. You′ll understand each other completely — but that also means that you′ll know just what buttons to push in order to hurt and manipulate the other. There′s always going to be competition between you, and that can make stability hard going in this pairing.


Your Virgo lover is likely to be far too critical of you for this relationship to go the distance. Yes, you crave attention, and Virgo will not only give it to you, but work with you to ensure that you′re in a good place to get it from others, too — your peers, or your boss, for example. However, your pride might get in the way, making it hard for you to hear what Virgo wants to share with you, and that can cause friction over time.


When you′re in harmony with your Libra, this can be an excellent relationship. Yes, you go about things very differently, but you′re really both romantics at heart. This can be a coupling full of passion and old-fashioned courtship, provided that neither of you starts to take the other for granted.


Pride and stubbornness can get between the passion that this pairing can present. The initial attraction is nothing short of irresistible, but it seems the more you get to know each other, the more you focus on your differences, rather than nurturing your similarities. This will only work when you both stop trying to compete, and start trying to compromise.

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You′re both fire signs, so you′re off to a good start. There′s fun and adventure here, with philosophy and companionship thrown in for good measure. It will be easy for you to get in sync with each other. You′ll have to watch your jealous though, because Sagittarius is free-spirited, and won′t put up with you trying to control where they go and who they see.


While both you and Cappy respect loyalty and commitment, that could well be where your similarities end! You′re gregarious and Capricorn is reserved, you′re indulgent and they′re frugal, you′re contemporary and they′re traditional. It will be hard to get this to work, but if you can, you′ll both find that you′ve got trust and commitment in the other.


While you may not have much in common on the surface, dig a bit and you′ll find the similarities that can make this relationship work. Aquarius is attracted to your big-hearted personality, while you′ll find their intellectuality intriguing. Mutual appreciation is what gives the two of you potential. Just watch your possessiveness, though, because that′s a real turn-off for Aquarius.


You′re as different as fire and water, but that could easily be what makes this work. You need attention, and Pisces will be happy to give it to you provided that you dote on them a bit. Pisces will give you all the attention and adoration that you need, letting you have control of the relationship. All you′ll have to do in return is make sure that you don′t hurt their feelings, for Pisces isn′t particularly vocal about what they need, and yet they′ll sulk if they don′t get it.

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As a Leo, you′ve got a lot to offer your partner. You′re big-hearted, generous, and gregarious. You socialize easily and enjoy helping others. You′re passionate and romantic, and like to share your happiness. Your loyalty and devotion are unquestionable, but you will have to learn how to keep your ego in check, just a bit. It′s easy for you to fall in love, but sometimes it′s hard for you to stay there! If you′d like to know more about what your relationship holds in store for you when it comes to longevity, why not ask one of our Experts for a relationship synastry report? It′s easy to love a Leo, but it can take some staying power for you to make those relationships work.

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