Relationship Compatibility Check: FAQ About Soul Mates, Soul Connections, and Twin Flames

Posted on January 21, 2014

It′s the most common question that we get. It′s either this one or the questions about an improvement in finances. That′s just the world we live in, love or money, our two most important fuels in life. If we don′t feel secure with our practical world and our financial outlook, it can be very difficult to focus on giving in a loving relationship. And, if our financial outlook is pretty sweet after all of the hard work we have poured into it, it′s not very much fun if we don′t have anybody to share it all with. Am I wrong? Of course not. We all have the same questions, yes, even the experts. But that is the beautiful thing about looking at relationship compatibility through the lens of astrology. The stars don′t lie. And one thing that the stars are always very clear about is the notion of star crossed lovers. Today, it is not just a myth and a Disney movie. The notion of pre-destined love is one that is shaping awareness all over the world. And when it comes to love? That usually involves a discussion on soul connections. Because it is such a common question from so many of you, that′s exactly what we are going to talk about today. Today I am going to answer some of your most frequently asked questions about soul mates, soul connections, and twin flames. Pay attention to those Ah-Hah moments as you read, they are speaking to you for a reason to offer you the hope and encouragement that you′ve been looking for. Remember now, they will only mean something if you are truly being honest with yourself. Are you ready to find out more about your soul mate?

What is the Age of Awareness?

In the 1990′s we had an Age of Aquarius, and with it a launch of technological innovation that allowed us to communicate with anybody that we want….in the world….in a way that we never had before. But Aquarius is not just about connecting and communicating at the group and global level. It is about expanding your awareness in the most unusual and unconventional and unconditional ways. So, while we are not so much in the age of Aquarius that we were in the 90′s, what the world is experiencing right now is a powerful shift in awareness or global consciousness as a result. More and more people are feeling the shift at the same time, that shift that tells you there is something bigger out there, and that shift that has brought you to readings such as this. Why is this important? Engaging in this age of awareness is going to shift your energy and raise your vibration, and in so doing, draw you that much closer to your pre-destined soul connections.

What is a Soul Mate?

The theory of soul connections arises from theories that use past life experiences as shapers of our current experiences. The main theory that most experts all over the world subscribe to is that prior to our first lifetime on this plane we chose everything. We created the blueprint of our entire destiny, from our first lifetime to our last. While we were doing so we developed our spiritual “Cabinet” so to speak. We met, discussed, and then we each went off into our own separate journeys to fill our own separate destinies. That “Cabinet”? Your body of spiritual soul connections that you would meet throughout the course of your karmic destiny, from lifetime, to lifetime, to lifetime.
This theory is one that is held by many renowned experts all over the world. Some of the most famous that I know of that subscribe to this theory include Sylvia Browne, Edgar Cayce, and even Carl Jung.

So, if you have ever wondered why you son, your best friend, your next door neighbor, the weird mail guy who always looks at you funny, seems to have this weird connection to you that nobody else does…one of these experts would tell you that′s why. A.) You chose them to be in your life right now many moons ago, and B.) They are probably one of those people you selected for what I refer to as my “Cabinet”.

This is why many people believe that soulmates don′t have to be romantic connections. They can be yes, and they often are. The reason for that is unconditional love is the basis of all pre-destined and soul connected love. Most often this manifests in a romantic experience on this plane, but not always. There is one very special and spiritual connection that is only and exclusively romantic love, and is also a soul connection. That love, is the twin flame love.

What is a Twin Flame?

This is another term that has entered modern vernacular with this age of awareness. That is the term “twin flame”. Other terms that are used interchangeably with this one are twin souls, soul twin, or even twin spirits as the famous astrologer and psychic Edgar Cayce referred to them as.

The twin flame theory or twin spirit theory is an entirely different situation. That IS a romantic connection, and only a romantic connection. In this theory one soul split into two astral bodies and astral energies, right around the same time the “Cabinet” was being selected and the karmic journeys were just beginning. Out of these two astral energies, one was the masculine energy and the other the feminine. This is the famous yin and yang you hear us discuss frequently here. When these two energies combine in a lifetime, it is a twin flame love. Believe it or not, this is actually generally considered a pretty rare experience. Until this age of awareness, reconnecting with your twin flame in this lifetime was…almost unheard of. Now it is happening all the time. That in itself is a symptom of this age of awareness.

How do I Know if I′m With Mine?

This is the most common question regarding all of these questions, and always the reason you even want to know what a soul mate is. It is often accompanied by the question, “should I stay or should I go?” We can′t answer that question for you. What we can do is provide insight from astrology to help you come up with that answer all on your own. Your charts will be only one tool that we will use, and you would be surprised at how much information we can get about a couple from overlaying their charts. I′ve even seen synastry charts where the infinity symbol showed up when I overlapped them. It′s really incredible. So that′s one answer, we use astrology to help you figure that out. I do, and all of the experts here do as well. We all have our own ways of helping you come to this answer.

Another answer is, you really do just know. This is the most confusing part of the soul connection discussion. Because with every experience on this plane we bring our human experience, and with that human experience comes this battle of head over heart. We try and overthink and overanalyze and we inject guilt, past karma, and baggage into our relationships. And this makes trying to understand and reach that place of deep and honest knowing very difficult.

And that′s precisely why we are here! But of course, Rome was not built in a day, and so too a complete and comprehensive discussion about soul connections and twin flames can not be had in one day. Because of that, keep an eye out for future articles where I will explore this in more detail. As we are coming up to love month this February, you can expect to see those very soon! Until then, what questions do YOU have about soul connections, twin flames, or soul mates? I′d love to help!

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