Ask Charla: How to Read Runes

Posted on April 26, 2017

Welcome to another edition of ‘Ask Charla′! I′ve been enjoying answering your questions for the past few weeks. I hope that you have been finding the answers enlightening and informative. This week is all about runes, so let′s get to our question.

Runes are one of the best divination tools to keep in your tool box when we need guidance on the life predicaments that the Universe sends our way. Whether your little wrinkle in life is big or small, they are helpful in pointing out the details of those problems so that we can work through them efficiently.

Similarly to a tarot reading where you shuffle your cards and deal out a spread, runes work exactly the same. Each set of runes is a set of 24 to 33 stones, and each stone has its own unique symbol on it. There are different versions of runes, some of the older versions only have 24 stones, some of the newer sets have up to 33 depending on which culture developed them.

There is no wrong number here. Whether your set has 24, 27, 33, your runes are yours and yours for a reason. When you get your runes, you will get a little pouch to keep them in. This is how you should always store your runes so you don′t lose one!

The Two Components of a Rune Reading

Now, when it comes to readings, there are two components to every spread. The two components are the draw of your stones, and then the reading or interpreting what those runes mean relevant to the question that you asked.

It is very important to stay in tune with the Universe during your entire reading, as your intuition will help guide you in both steps. You need to focus and clear your mind before you begin to draw and read the runes or else you may get a middled answer.

The Drawing of the Runes

First for the draw. For any reading, start off with all of the runes in your pouch and shake up or gently toss the stones in your pouch. This is the same thing we do when we shuffle tarot cards. Use your energy to move your runes around. Then you are going to pick out nine.

For this reading, it′s important to keep the runes in your hand as you are drawing them. Hang onto them as you choose more runes. Then, when you have all nine runes in your hand, drop them or place them on the table in front of you, letting them fall as they may. Some will fall in the center, some will fall around the edges, some will fall face up, some will fall face down. Don′t move a thing! This is your reading, or your rune spread now.

How to Read the Runes

Center: The runes that are in the enter face up are the runes that represent your current situation.

Face Down: The runes that are face down are the runes pertaining to the time frame that you can′t yet see. It represents the future.

Around the Edges: The Runes that have fallen around the edges of the reading, are the symbols that represent outside influences on your situation. Let′s say you are asking about a work situation, and you see a card of movement such as Raidho/Chariot, then you have an answer right there. You are being told, an outside influence (such as another person, or job opportunity) is going to help you see some movement in the work question you are asking about right now.

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