Make Your Wishes Come True Under New Moon in Aquarius

Posted on January 23, 2017

It′s that time again folks, New Moon time! It happens every month. We are just finishing off January with a New Moon in Aquarius energy that will come to us at the end of this week. The magic of intentions and wishes at this particular time of the month puts the special power from the Moon on your side!

The Moon never goes away, and neither does the power of the Universe to manifest wishes. It is always at your command. Start today, and carry your wishes through the week until the New Moon energy is in its highest form. After today, all you need to do to manifest wishes is follow these very simple steps. Are you ready?

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Clear Out Some Space

When it comes to manifesting wishes, you need to make some emotional and mental space. Similarly to when you clean your home, your car, or your desk at work. You need to clear the junk out of your head during this time.

Consider the manifestation of your New Moon wishes as taking a road trip. You can′t arrive at your destination if there is stuff on the road, obstacles in the way. You will be delayed if you don′t take the time to prepare properly.

Take as much time as you need on this step, it is the most important one! Try a simple meditation. Sit down, give yourself a minute, close your eyes, and release all your worries.

Wait until you feel that peace. When you do, start wishing. You have now cleared out the mental clutter and have made room for abundance in your life.

Clear Up Your Intent

Are you realistic about your wishes? Or are you still asking your psychic for lottery numbers? Along with clearing out the mental and emotional clutter, you need to have an idea of what is realistic, and what is not.

Instead of asking to win the lottery, ask for solutions to your financial problems to present themselves. Did you know that every single financial problem has a solution? Believe it or not, it′s not always money!

I have a friend who was worried about making a mortgage payment, and she must have spent weeks stressing about it. On the last day of a New Moon period, I guided her into a clear intention to make some wishes. She did the work, and her miracle did arrive!

Her miracle came in the form of a letter from the bank saying one of her mortgage payments from 10 years ago, was had not applied to her balance at the time and they were not going to have to withdraw money that month.

See what I mean? Solutions to financial problems always exist, and it doesn′t always arrive in the form of a big bag of money. Ask for solutions, and you will be surprised at what happens.

Make Your Wishes

There are many New Moon rituals that you can engage in that will help you harness the wishful power of the Moon. Even so, you don′t have to do any of that? I can′t tell you how many times I′ve made wishes and witnessed them manifest in so many different ways in my life.

I wish when I′m driving, I wish when I′m taking a walk, I wish when I have no candles or journals because I believe in the power of my wishes! Now that′s another important part of this process! So, go on and make those wishes.

They are your wishes! Light a candle if you like, that never hurts. It′s not a requirement from the Universe if you want that wish to come through. All you have to do is acknowledge your wish and act on it.

Visualize it Happening

You have heard about the power of visualization and how that can help you to manifest wishes no matter where, or how, you make them. This is true for New Moon wishes, and it is true for any wish at all! See it happening in your life!

New Moon wishes activate the extremely powerful Law of Attraction because you train your brain to accept this event into your life. So after you have made your wish, lie back and relax, and have some fun in fantasy land. How does it look?

How does it taste? How does it smell? What does it feel like? Focus on as many specifics as you can, you want to bring this wish to life!

Believe it Will Happen

Our human hopes and fears to come into play when we make New Moon wishes. Once you visualize your wish and see it happening in your life, you need to let the Universe know you trust its magic. When you continue stressing and fretting about your wish, the Universe gets the message that you lack faith.

You need to show trust in the power of the Universe. You′ve visualized it, you have smelled it, you have even tasted your wish. How can you believe it won′t happen by allowing doubts to plague your mind.

If you miss this step go back to step one and clear out that toxic fear based clutter. Let it go. Then wait for your wish. Don′t forget to thank the Universe when it comes to you!

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You can start using this today, while we still have access to some of those super powers from the New Moon in Aquarius. Or, you can use this checklist on any other day of the month. This is true not just for Aquarius, but for all zodiac signs. What are you going to wish for?

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