Beneficial Thought: Feel Passionate and Energetic When Mars Enters Gemini

Posted on April 20, 2017

Find Balance and Focus With Root Chakra Exercises

With all of this energy that is very unfocused, you are going to have some days until June where you feel like you are pulling your hair out. Keep reminding yourself that you don′t need to be the warrior all day, every day. The best way to ground yourself physically, spiritually, and emotionally is with root chakra exercises.

The root chakra is that imaginary spinning wheel of energy at the base of your spine that spins energy to this part of your body. The purpose of the root chakra is to help you feel grounded and secure and rooted in your everyday life. When you don′t feel grounded and rooted, your root chakra is out of balance.

You′re not going to feel very grounded and rooted with Mars in Gemini, even if you are Deepak Chopra. It′s called being human. So here are some very simple root chakra exercises to keep on hand that anybody can do, that don′t cost you a thing.

  • Use the power color red to your advantage. Red is the color of Mars, and also for the root chakra. Meditate on this color for a few minutes when you are feeling a little scattered. You will discover where you need to put your focus. That′s right, this is one time where ‘seeing red′ actually works in your favor! See it within yourself, instead of when out dealing with people in the world.
  • Use up that energy in a way that means nothing. This is one of those ‘dance when nobody is watching′ kind of moments. Brun off steam. Let those arms and legs flail because nobody cares what you look like. Blast music, and just burn it off. When you are done, you will have a vision on your next task or warrior mission. Taking a long walk is also a great idea if you aren′t really keen on this step.
  • Shower. That′s right, take a shower, NOT a bath. Showering is a popular root chakra exercise because the energy of the water flowing down on you helps you to wash away all of the negative or oversized energy packs you are feeling. You just can′t get that same effect in a bath. Long baths are great heart chakra exercises. When you have warrior energy you don′t know what to do with or where to put, shower it off.


Both Mars and Gemini get a bad rap sometimes. Many people freak out when Mars enters Gemini for that reason. It is definitely a double whammy from the Universe. Although, that doesn′t mean that it′s a bad thing. Life has been in the slow lane with all of this retrograde energy.

With Mars in Gemini, take life up a notch and do something with that energy in the fast lane, use that determination to to get stuff done. When the fast-paced, passionate energy gets to be too much, engage those root chakra exercises.

What do you want to get accomplished when Mars enters Gemini?

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