7 Facts About the Root Chakra You Should Know

Posted on April 17, 2017

Chakras are energy centers that run from the base of your spine to the top of your head. Chakra is the Sanskrit word for wheel, and these areas are depicted as spinning wheels of color. When you are healthy in body, mind, and spirit, then these centers are open and balanced.

When imbalances happen due to stress or illness, then you′ll feel it in all areas of your life. Fortunately, chakra healing is quite popular at the moment and it doesn′t take special tools or treatment to tune up your chakras and get them working harmoniously again.

Since the root chakra is the base and the foundation for the others, it′s usually the best place to start bringing things back into alignment. Here are 7 questions that we frequently get about the root chakra and how to tune it.

1) Where is the Root Chakra?

The root chakra is the first chakra, it′s found at the bottom end of your spine, right at your tailbone. It′s the base of all the other chakras. It′s the most physical of all of the chakras, and it vibrates to the musical note ‘C.′ When the root chakra is overstimulated or underactive, you could feel out of sorts, but not be able to pinpoint why.

You might experience lower backache, or be prone to injuries of the coccyx. Of course, any injury needs to be seen by your medical practitioner, but if you find that this is a weak spot over time.

If you seem to frequently have more than your fair share of issues with your lower back or tailbone. That is a really good indication that your chakra is in need of a tuneup.

2) What Color is the Root Chakra?

The chakras aren′t physical places; these are energy centers, so they only have the colors that we ascribe to them. This chakra resonates with red, the color of blood and the life force.

Red stones, red clothing, red jewelry, even meditating and flooding your aura with red will help to bring your root chakra back into alignment. Red is very stimulating and a little goes a long way, so short frequent treatments are better than long sessions.

If you use color therapy, or have some healing crystals or reiki stones, work with the color red. One of the best tones for this area is carnelian, but red jasper is also effective. Other stones that will help you to bring this chakra into alignment are red agates, garnet, hematite, and other red stones.

Hold the stone at the base of your spine and envision the healing red hues flowing from your stone and into your root chakra. If you do this consistently every day you can correct any root chakra imbalance you may be experiencing and bring it back into alignment

3) What is the Normal Function of the Root Chakra?

This root chakra governs your primal instincts and your survival mechanisms. These include you basic human needs such as water, food, sleep, procreation, and shelter. Desires are also seated here, for this is the area where ideas start to take form and become reality. Past life memories are said to be stored here too, and it′s where your energy sleeps.

When everything′s balanced, you′ll enjoy good health. You′ll have ample energy to get through the day. You′ll feel content with your life and have plans to make things happen. You will feel like you have direction and purpose. You′ll be satisfied with your career and not feel that you′re struggling in life.

4) What Happens When the Root Chakra is Overactive?

It′s usually fairly easy to tell if this area is overstimulated. You′ll feel tired and dissatisfied with your life. Health and wellbeing suffer, and you may struggle financially. Anger and frustration are not uncommon, and your sexual appetite may be over-hungry. No matter what you try, there seems to be little foundation in your life, no base for security or stability.

Shades of red will enable this chakra to either decrease or increase its energy. Even if this area needs stimulating, you′ll have to relax first! This chakra is associated with the foundation of things.

Try foot massages and enjoyable walks outside to assist in balancing it and bringing it back into alignment. Ensure that your basic physical needs are being met. If possible, bathe or shower with red crystals.

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