7 Facts About the Root Chakra You Should Know

Posted on April 17, 2017

5) What Happens When the Root Chakra is Underactive?

Lethargy and apathy are two signs that this area needs a tuneup. You don′t seem to care about anyone or anything. You′ve no interest in making something of your life, you only coast along, day after day, going where the hours take you.

You feel small and insignificant and you have no desire to push yourself to get what you want. To restore balance, you have to start motivating yourself. You′ll struggle to find the drive to do this, but it′s just sleeping.

If your doctor is alright with it, add exercise to your daily routine. Get your metabolism tuned up and be more active. This is one of those situations where usually the more you do the more you′ll want to do. The hardest step is the first one.

Red colors will help to stimulate you into action, but you have to do more than wear them. You have to let them guide you forward into actually doing something to change the things in your life that you don′t like.

6) How is my Root Chakra Related to Energy?

Being the base chakra, many people believe that it correlates to the etheric layer of the subtle body. Ether is a state of existence between matter and energy. This seems fitting because the root chakra is where the spark of life happens. Also, where ideas start to form and become manifest.

We talk about getting to the root of the problem, of laying foundations for plans and ideas, of creating stability out of chaos. Empowered language such of this comes out of the place where the etheric layer of the subtle body meets the physical body.

This chakra is where thoughts become reality. Imbalances here also have a tendency to manifest themselves physically; how many times have you talked about something being a pain in your butt?!

7) What Can I Do to Heal the Root Chakra?

It′s so easy to overlook massage when it comes to healing, but it′s wonderful medicine. A good massage is very therapeutic, and does wonders for helping your chakras to align. Massaging your lower back activates your root chakra, priming it for a tuneup. Massage is such a wonderful panacea!

There are several effective ways to realign your root chakra by massaging it. A good one is to get a drop of essential oil that resonates with this area and add it to a neutral carrier. Smooth the oil between the palms of your hands and rub it around your coccyx, then massage it deep into the tissues with your fingers.

Warming oils such as sandalwood, ginger, cayenne, and cloves are all excellent choices, but be careful—a little goes a long way! Dilute them in a carrier such as jojoba or almond oil before applying them to your bare skin.

Try reiki healing, working with red stones, and wearing red clothing can be a gentle and non-invasive therapy for an ailing root chakra. If the problems persist, though, please see your healthcare provider.


It′s vital that the root chakra is functioning correctly, because it′s the foundation for all the other chakras. The energy centers at the top pull energy up from the lower ones, and if the lower ones are out of balance then the ones on top of them will be imbalanced, too.

If you′re feeling lethargic; generally unsettled; angry at the world in general; frustrated that you don′t seem to be getting ahead (or maybe you′ve given up trying to do so); your sex life is suffering, and if you′re having a hard time letting go of things; then you need to give your root chakra some attention.

You′ll know when things are back in place because you′ll start to find your groove again! You′ll be assertive without being aggressive, you′ll have a plan of action, be motivated to start working on it, and you′ll be able to let go of the things—and people—that no longer serve a purpose in your life. An empowered life is available to everyone, and it starts with a root chakra tune up

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