How to Do Your Own Rune Stone Reading

Posted on April 24, 2017

Rune stones give you immediate answers to your deepest and most personal questions. Runes are profound, yet very easy to use. Unlike many other forms of divination and peeking into the future—there are no other special items that you need in order to be a runecaster (someone who casts and reads runes.) As long as you have the stones and a flat surface to lay them on, you′re all set!

How to Ask the Rune Stones a Question

The question you ask the runes is very important. As you familiarize yourself with the runes, you won′t need to have a query; you′ll be able to pull runes for guidance and quick insight. However, when you do ask questions of the stones, make sure that you know exactly the question you want to be answered.

Questions such as ‘does he love me?′ are too vague. It′s better to include names and time frames. Open-ended queries are much better than ‘yes′ or ‘no′ questions. Treat your stones like a friend with whom you′re going to have a conversation and respect them in the same way.

Placement of the Rune Stones

Where you place the runestones as you draw them out of their velvet storage pouch is just as important as the stone that you draw. Make sure that you′re not distracted. The best answers come from a clear mind and clear questions. If it′s hard to cast if your mind is full of other thoughts.

Prepare a flat surface to place the stones on once you′ve drawn them—you might want to keep a special cloth to use for a casting cloth, but it′s not necessary. Then you take a stone one at a time out of the bag and put it on the area you′ve prepared. Then you′re ready to read and interpret them.

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