7 Facts You Should Know About the Sacral Chakra

Posted on April 18, 2017

4) What Happens When the Sacral Chakra is Overactive?

When the sacral chakra is overactive it′s easy for you to come on too strong to others. Your personality is pushy. You try too hard to please others, and it′s easy for them to take advantage of you. You experience a lot of mood swings. You need too much attention, and this has the potential to create problems with your friends and family. You may even be prone to promiscuity.

To bring this into balance, use your orange stone. Any orange stone will do, but the soothing peach shades might be more appropriate than brighter colors. You can also choose to concentrate on the orange of your chakra pendulum. Even wearing orange jewelry or other accessories will resonate with this chakra, as does wearing orange or peach colored clothing, particularly on your lower torso and abdomen.

5) What Happens When the Sacral Chakra is Underactive?

When this area is underactive, you may find yourself feeling guilty about your likes and preferences. Perhaps you don′t feel that you have anything to offer, and you′re disappointed in your physical appearance. You′re apathetic to the joys that life has to offer you, and you′re disinterested in making something of yourself. Your creativity is blocked and your confidence wobbles.

In order to bring things back into alignment, you have to find a way of motivating yourself. Bright oranges work better than the more subdued hues. Meditate on the vibrant oranges of the setting sun. Make a game out of activities, and get as much physical exercise as is possible.

Bring some playfulness back into intimacy. Pursue some kind of creative activity or participate in some form of constructive self-expression. Once again, working with the orange stones or any other orange tool will help you to balance this chakra and get it running optimally.

6) How is my Sacral Chakra Related to Energy?

Many believe that the emotional layer of the subtle body resonates with the sacral chakra. This is where you cling to things from your past, and where moods and emotions are either balanced or imbalanced.

It′s important to understand that any baggage from the past that isn′t dealt with can actually manifest itself in physical ailments. When mood swings and other stressful situations are not handled immediately the emotional body will store them, creating problems to arise at a later time.

This is the area of your energy field that holds your memories. Feelings of guilt, unworthiness, self-pity, and that you′re not good enough take a firm root here, and might play havoc with your emotional health. By tuning up your sacral chakra, you give these emotions a chance to heal, so that you once again find your sense of purpose, and live an authentically empowered life.

7) What Can I do to Heal the Sacral Chakra?

Massaging the sacrum area is soothing and relaxing and so beneficial for your sacral chakra. Massage helps to boost your immune system, relaxes both your muscles and your mind.It gives your body a chance to slow down and rest, and all of this helps to keep you physically and emotionally healthy. They′re also good for your chakras, assisting them back into alignment.

There are several simple massages you can do to tune up your sacral chakra. One way is to put a drop of essential oil such as jasmine, ylang-ylang, or rose (genuine rose essential oil is incredibly expensive, so beware of cheap imitations) and put it into a neutral carrier such as jojoba oil.

Gently rub this blend between your palms, and then starting at your pubic bone, rub your abdomen upwards towards your navel. Breathe deep relaxing breaths, in through your nose and out through your mouth as you do. If you′ve got a partner, get them to rub your back in the same way—you might be surprised where this massage finishes!

The sacral chakra needs to be fully open but not over-stimulated if you′re going to feel content with your life. It′s not hard to tune it up, nor is it hard to assess whether it′s out of balance. When you′re feeling uncertain of your direction or purpose in life, when you′re unsure of who you are and start to question your worth, you probably want to start focusing on this chakra.

Unhealthy sexual appetites—or lack of one, stifled creativity, and not really caring about your personal appearance are other signs. You′ll know when this area is working well because you′ll feel in harmony with yourself, your life, and your surroundings.

You′ll get along well with others, and feel confident in both approaching them, as well as withdrawing from people who don′t have your best interests at heart. Interacting with loved ones who are on your wavelength is vital to your health and well-being.

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