The Secrets Revealed by Your Birth Chart

Posted on January 18, 2017

What′s all the fuss about astrology anyway? You hear people talking about their zodiac sign, their ruling planet, Mercury retrograde, or their birth chart; but what does it mean? Is it some secret code available only to the enlightened? Is it nothing more than a tree-hugging, hippie fad?

If that′s the case, then why has it been around for over two thousand years? If it′s all bogus; consider that the Moon′s pull on the Earth is what helps it to stay in orbit, and governs the tides and seasonal cycles. Perhaps it′s not so far out there that the rest of the planets could influence you, too!

There are many secrets found in astrology and your birth chart. Understanding your birth chart (sometimes called your natal chart) helps you to understand yourself and give you a glimpse into your destiny. Let′s delve into some of the details your chart can reveal to you.

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Your Birth Caret Reveals More than One Zodiac Sign

Most people know their Sun sign (sometimes called their star sign or their birth sign). There are 12 signs of the zodiac, and they each occupy a 30° area around the wheel of the zodiac. The Sun sign indicates the sign the Sun was passing through at the time of your birth. All the planets were in a sign at that time. Your Sun sign tells you about your personality.

You also have a Moon sign, which represents the location of the Moon in your chart at the time you were born. This sign tells you about your inner world and mindset. It will reveal how you will handle your emotions. Also, how you will view and interact with the world and the people in it. Most people are less familiar with their Moon sign and its meaning.

Your Birth Chart Provides Insight Into Your Relationships

Your birth chart won′t tell you who to marry, but it does provide valuable insight on the type of partner you′re likely to attract and the most opportune dates for meeting that person. Careful analysis of your chart also helps you to pinpoint the best days for important occasions such as engagements, weddings, or vacations.

If you′re single and looking to meet a lover, your chart tells you the personality to seek when it comes to selecting your best match. It can also guide you to avoid certain types of people so that you can prevent heartache. If you′re already with someone, you can find hints about how to make the most of that relationship.

If your relationship is currently rocky, it can advise if you ought to stay and work things out before throwing in the towel and moving on. In either scenario, a relationship synastry report, which looks at the natal charts of both people involved, is an excellent way to examine the compatibility and health of a relationship.

In a relationship synastry report, you′ll find where your personalities and desires mesh together, where they clash, and how to compromise. It can give you the best possible chance of a long-lasting and mutually satisfying union with your chosen partner.

Your Birth Chart Helps You Choose Your Career

There′s nothing written in the stars that specifically says “you should be a nurse” or “you should be a poet,” but there are many hints and indications in your chart of what careers are the most suitable for you. A reputable astrologer has spent many years looking at the signs and symbols and understanding how they all mesh together. They can look at your chart, and see what stands out.

There are some career fields that will seem to open themselves to you, It′s your innate talents, where your skill sets and interests lie, and your outlook on life that will stand out and point you in a direction you should pursue. When analyzing a career chart, it′s more important to look at how you do things, rather than what you actually do.

For example, maybe there are indications that you′ve got a flair for communication and languages. It could manifest itself in your career as a translator, teacher, tour guide, public relations professional, author, lyricist, customer service representative, or counselor, or a myriad of other places. By knowing the strong points as revealed in your chart, you can match them up with your interests, and enter into a field where you will excel and enjoy it, too!

Your Birth Chart Gives Health Advice

Let me begin by stating, quite emphatically, that neither astrology nor any other form of divination (such as numerology or the tarot) should ever be used as a substitute for medical advice! Astrologers are not doctors, and you do them a disservice if you expect them to be. However, there can be astrological implications regarding areas of your health which you need to pay attention.

Some of the health secrets found in your birth chart could be things such as the potential of addiction, whether you′re going to be more interested in alternative medicine or holistic treatment, what part of the body might be weakened or challenged, and where there′s a tendency for upset and discord.

All of the signs of the zodiac relate to a part of the body or one of its systems in some way. The chart can alert you to specific areas which are impacted by the placement of the planets and any challenging aspects. It can encourage you to pay particular attention to those areas of your health.

Your Birth Chart Reveals Your Financial Luck

People often ask if astrology or their birth chart can provide the winning lottery numbers. I wish it was that easy. I′d never have to work if I could do that! The mega-jackpot results are not hidden in your chart, nor is any get-rich quick scheme. You′re not going to magically get out of debt because you ask an astrologer for guidance. Life doesn′t work like that.

What is revealed in your chart is if you have a flair for making money. Perhaps you′re the sort who′s going to have to work hard, but who will be well rewarded. Maybe there′s the potential for you to receive an inheritance. It′s conceivable that you could make and lose money very quickly.

There′s even a chance that your chart will show you′re irresponsible with your income and will need to focus if you want to have any financial security. Whatever the situation you find in relation to money, or lack thereof, it helps you to plan what to do next so that you can be financially comfortable at least, if not howlingly successful.

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By now you′ll realize that there′s a lot to be learned by thorough discovering more about astrology and birth chart and how it affects you personally. Whether you view it as just a parlor game, to try to guess someone′s Sun sign based on their personality, or whether you want to take it deeper and use astrology to improve your life.

There′s no denying that there are many secrets found in your birth chart The only way to use them to their full potential is to discover what they are, and any astrologer will be happy to help you with that by creating a chart to reveal its valuable information to you.

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