7 Facts About the Solar Plexus Chakra and How to Tune it

Posted on March 14, 2017

3) What is the Normal Function of the Solar Plexus Chakra?

The solar plexus chakra is the energy center that helps you to keep the balance between confidence and conceit, between self-respect and narcissism, and between being bold and foolhardy. It also assists with your spiritual growth, your physical energy levels, and with you working through more complex emotional issues. It also rules the intuition and the ‘fight or flight′ response.

When this area is balanced, you′ll have no trouble determining whether it′s best to stand and fight, or whether it′s best to walk away. Your emotions are balanced. You′ll be able to form your own opinions without judging others in the process.

Another sign you have a healthy solar plexus chakra is if you get things done on time, without procrastinating or letting them stress you out. You appreciate your sense of self-worth, but at the same time you don′t undervalue others.

4) What Happens When the Solar Plexus Chakra is Overactive?

You could come across as arrogant when this chakra needs a tuneup. Oftentimes, overstimulation manifests in conceit and a lack of respect for others. You impose yourself on others and seek constant praise and appreciation from them to feel important or complete.

You might also be perceived as a control freak, and you always need the upper hand in any situation or relationship.You′ll be frequently disingenuous with others, being who they want you to be, rather than staying true to yourself. You may have stress-related stomach problems.

To bring this into balance, think yellow! Your yellow reiki stone will work, as will the yellow on your chakra pendulum. Other yellow stones should be pale creamy yellow, rather than the bright bold yellow hues.

Wearing yellow clothing, particularly over your lower abdomen, also supports the solar plexus chakra. Also try wearing yellow jewelry, or having a nice soothing shower or bath accompanied by your yellow crystals and bath salts.

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