What is a Void of Course Moon?

Posted on August 10, 2013

It was discussed during the New Moon blog that the Moon spends its time in the zodiac signs during its standard transit. You might read an astrology forecast or horoscopes that tells you the Moon is in Taurus or Scorpio, and this means certain things for the day. When the Moon is in certain zodiac signs, as mentioned previously, this means that the day to day events and experiences will take on the qualities of that sign. It takes the Moon 28 days to travel through one complete cycle of the signs, and as we know there are 12 signs, this means it will spend some time not in any signs at all. Essentially what is happening here is the Moon is in transit, and “between signs” so to speak. When this happens the Moon is said to be void of course. This is also referred to as a lunar cycle of uncertainty, a void lunar cycle, or simply a void Moon period. It simply means from a scientific standpoint that the Moon is not really doing anything right now, or activating any energies or qualities. It is void of any qualities and aspects. This is where the uncertainty comes in. What does this mean for you though?

You can compare this concept to a standard calendar. If you look on one of your calendars for a future month, you might see things that you have written down on certain dates. Doctor′s appointments, PTA meetings, massage, client dinner, and the like. But you probably do not have entries written on every single date, unless you are a Virgo *wink*. Most people don′t however. So generally speaking, there is a sense of uncertainty about those dates. You don′t really know where you are going to be, or when, but you know you will get through things on those days not much different than you would on others. These days are simply more uncertain than others.

The same concept applies to a void of course cycle. Strictly speaking, the Moon has nothing on its agenda. It′s just kind of hanging in the checks and balances until the next aspect comes along. This leaves not just a general sense of uncertainty, but we do feel this uncertainty all the way down on planet Earth. It won′t affect your day if you don′t have a dentist appointment on a certain day, but when the Moon has no “plans”, it has no qualities that it can shine down on us.

When the Moon is in Taurus for example, the day will have energy that can manifest miracles in Taurus qualities. These include earthy and grounded things like gardening, and adding luxury and beauty to the home. But if the Moon is void of course the very next day, that energy simply isn′t there. It can make things uncertain for us Earthlings, even if we don′t even realize what is happening in the universe, or care whether the Moon is void or Full. We won′t feel like gardening or making our home more beautiful or anything constructive really because we will just sort of feel like we are in limbo. This happens whether we know the Moon is void or not. Have you ever had one of those days where you just felt like nothing could go right, or you just felt “out of it” but couldn′t put your finger on a why?

Most in the field of astrology are not fans of void cycles for this reason. Who wants to feel this way? When we accept this change, even one into a temporary limbo state, is a necessary part of the movement of space and life, these periods become much easier. Use this time for meditation and introspection and you won′t feel so unglued from the rest of the galaxy. A void of course cycle is simply the universe asking you to slow down your speed, stop, look, and listen to what your higher self is asking you before you move forward.

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