Will Love Take an Unexpected Turn This Holiday Season

Posted on November 24, 2016

The holidays are quickly approaching, and this can be a time when we desire to be around people we care about. The pull to search for love and share the season with someone special will feel especially strong. You may want a long-term romance, fidelity, and understanding. You may even think you′ve found it, but don′t be surprised if love takes an unexpected turn for you.

Astrological weather may be some surprises, you can thank the transit of Mercury and Venus for that! Not all things unexpected have to be challenging. In fact, some random events can bring you good fortune. However, these days could be a bit sticky, especially when it comes to love or your immediate money situation. It will be prudent to be mindful with your heart and money over the holiday season.

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Control Your Impulsive Feelings

You may feel unexpectedly tempted to overindulge in love, food or drink; you could easily overspend, too. You might find yourself feeling uncharacteristically romantic, perhaps even more creatively stimulated than usual. You could also feel restless, especially if love takes an unexpected turn. You′re going to want to push ahead and make waves, yet this is not the time.

The movement of Mercury and Venus involved, you need to tread carefully with decisions about romantic relationships and finances. It would be easy for you to do something impulsive now to shake things up in your life, and live to regret it later when you have had time to carefully think about your decision.

Keep Yourself Busy and Productive

There′s also a chance that you′ll feel overly distracted during this transit. If you′re currently in a satisfying relationship, feelings of frustration or disinterest could start to creep into your thoughts and interactions. You may even feel your personal boundaries are being violated. Patience will be the key to overcoming these feelings. If you are upset with someone, take a break, and focus on you.

You should make an effort to do something for yourself. It′s a favorable time for a makeover, a new hairdo (although you might want to think twice before dying your hair electric blue), even some clothes shopping can satisfy your need for novelty. Don′t let Venus allow you to overindulge in anything, and watch your spending.

Focus on Balance and Moderation

An effective way for dealing with the energy of these planetary transits is to avoid doing anything radical. You might feel the need to withdraw, stay home, watch a sappy movie, and indulge in waves of nostalgia. You want to feel nurtured and protected. If you′re single or dating someone casually, don′t be too surprised if you start to have a strong desire for personal space and you may feel you want to retreat emotionally.

People can really surprise you over these next few weeks. Unusual situations may catch you off guard. You will need to call upon your patience and prevent yourself from overreacting and becoming annoyed when situations don′t go your way, or when people say things and behave out of character. Chill out before you act up!

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Remember that Things Will Improve

it′s not worth becoming too invested or hurt if love takes an unexpected turn. Remember that this is fleeting and will pass. The restless energy can bring you some stress or tension, but if you channel this into something productive, you′ll easily turn it around into something positive and enjoyable.

If you can be understanding and calm, the holidays will be a pleasurable time, but make sure the pleasures are short and sweet. Don′t commit to anything long-term because it′s likely to fizzle out before it takes hold, or you could quickly lose interest in it. If you cultivate patience, you will avoid making an expensive financial or emotional mistake. It will all come out right in the end if you don′t go off on a wild tangent.

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