Beneficial Thought: Your April Retrograde Survival Guide

Posted on April 06, 2017

Jupiter Retrograde: Discovering Your Best Self

Jupiter is the planet of luck and optimism, the biggest planet of them all, and the god of all gods. Jupiter is also a big master of karma and luck. When Jupiter is retrograde, all of these themes take a bit of a slow-motion approach to them. But this time is all about Jupiter asking you to be philosophical and analytical about your integrity, your personal values, and everything that you hold dear to your own personal internal core belief system.

When you get that in check, Jupiter rewards you with luck. Yes, even during a retrograde period. This year, Jupiter will be retrograde from February 9 to June 9 in the zodiac sign of Libra. Libra will experience the most benefits, but so will fellow air signs Gemini and Aquarius. But all zodiac signs can harness this magic during Jupiter retrograde.

What Jupiter retrograde will call on you to do is to listen to that inner voice a little bit more. You have a good angel on one shoulder and temptation to make the wrong choices on the other. Jupiter says, listen to the good one, and see what I have in store for you!” It′s all about tapping into that inner voice of experience and wisdom and following your intuition′s commands.

Whether it′s work or a relationship you want to improve, or if you have been kidding yourself about an aspect of it, Jupiter retrograde is going to ask you to stop doing that and get real. When you do, unexpected luck has a way of finding you. This is a longer transit, so you have plenty of time to reflect and take action.

Saturn Retrograde: Learn Your Lessons

Saturn retrograde is another longer and more intense transit, from a bigger and slower moving planet that teaches us lessons. Saturn is symbolized by the disciplinarian father, and also directly connected to our karma. When you think of a really good and honest police officer or father figure, that′s someone with a strong Saturn ruling in their chart.

That′s the energy you want to apply in your life during Saturn retrograde. The authority figure comes to life spiritually in your chart, and you are all about getting it done the right way, and, in many cases, getting it done at all if you′ve let things slide. If you′ve slipped somewhere, your inner enforcer is going to be awakened by Saturn retrograde.

You will be shown what you need to work on in your life in some way. Beware! Cutting corners is not the way to win during this time. Did you ever have your dad or grandfather show you how to mow the lawn? If you didn′t do it right, did you get in trouble and shown again how to do it right? Well, that′s what Saturn retrograde does, too. It shows you what corners you need to get right, every time.

The Saturn retrograde period is from April 5 to August 24 of 2017 in the fire sign of Sagittarius will be the time you have a chance to learn those lessons and improve your karmic bank in your life. Remember, like the law enforcement figure or fatherly figure who wants to protect and serve to keep you on the right path, Saturn only wants to help. Saturn′s not the bad guy!

Venus Retrograde: Show Unconditional Love

Next up, we have Venus retrograde which is a period we are in right now, until April 15. This is a smaller and less heavy transit and is occurring in the sign of Pisces. If any transit touches your relationships, this is the one you will see it with the most. Venus is exalted in Pisces, only magnifying the potential for love boomerangs in this transit. You′ll hear from someone from your past, or work on love matters with someone in your life now.

Pisces is the zodiac sign that is all about unconditional love. So if you need more of that in your life (who doesn′t?), then Venus retrograde in Pisces can help. This is another one directly tied to your karmic path. You won′t need to wonder what issues you need to work on, Venus will show you. To succeed in this retrograde, you have to get real about what is and isn′t working in your relationships, and prepare to engage forgiveness. Even if that means forgiving yourself.

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