Beneficial Thought: Venus in Retrograde—Prepare for Relationship Tests and Changes in Your Love Life

Posted on March 02, 2017

We now bid farewell to the love month. Hopefully, you found some romance along the way! If you didn′t, there′s no reason to feel sad, that doesn′t mean the Universe is going to stop sending you relationship vibes. It′s very active right now when it comes to your relationships, and has a very special transit to offer through Venus retrograde in Pisces this year.

Don′t freak out over the word retrograde! It is actually a wonderful transit if you are hoping for some love in your life, and who isn′t? Whether you are single or attached, Venus retrograde is going to introduce you to the notion of fated love over the next few weeks, and it will help you in your primary relationships. If you′re single, that might not come until April. If you′re attached, you′re the one calling the shots because of your awakening to fated love.

If you have love right now, it will get better if you want it to. If you don′t have someone special in your life, expect some opportunities to make some key decisions on your love life. No matter what happens, you will look back on Valentine′s month and be glad it′s over. Venus retrograde is going to make Valentine′s month look like it was the appetizer before the main course!

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What is Venus Retrograde?

Venus doesn′t go retrograde very often. Where Mercury goes retrograde a few times a year, and Jupiter at least once. Venus goes retrograde approximately every 19 months for about six weeks. Venus retrograde begins on March 6, and you will have it sprinkling magic on your love life until April 15.

Venus turns retrograde when it is the process of a planet slowing down, it appears it is moving backwards. When a planet is retrograde, the themes they rule appear to move back in time as well. During every retrograde period, we see the past come into the picture. Since Venus rules love and money, past loves are going to play a big role in the life events for many of your friends, and maybe even for yourself.

We also have Venus retrograde happening in Pisces this year. Pisces is a water sign and you could consider it the most romantic of all. Pisces also rules the twelfth house, the house of karma, secrets, and destiny. That′s why it′s going to be very powerful on all of our relationships. You could call it the trifecta of fate and destined events in love. Here′s how to handle it.

How Venus Retrograde Impacts You if You′re Single

Simply put, if you are single, you are likely looking to change that status. This Venus retrograde is going to help you. Prepare for a feast or famine period. Have you ever pined for ‘The One′ and seemed to have everybody under the Sun but that person knocking on your door? That could happen now. You′ll be presented with a number of options. How do you know which to follow?

If you aren′t looking to settle down go out and have your fun, but be smart and responsible about it. That means being clear in your intentions with potential lovers. Don′t tell anyone you′re looking for something serious when you aren′t looking for a long-term relationship at this time.

It also means don′t buy the farm based on the first lamb you meet along the way if you are looking for someone special. Make sure you keep your standards high and you don′t compromise your own boundaries or needs. Not all is as it seems. That great guy you′ve been having coffee with on your work lunch breaks could be married with kids and you won′t find out until April; after you have become emotionally invested!

How Venus Retrograde Impacts You if You′re Attached

If you are attached during Venus retrograde, proceed with caution. Venus retrograde goes back in time and brings up a lot of old relationship stuff. You′ll find yourself having conversations that easily become fights. “Remember the time at that party in 2009 when you were flirting with that girl!” You won′t remember, but someone else will. A lot of conversations being brought up and the rehashing of old wounds or issues.

Venus retrograde will expose the things in your relationships that need to be fixed, so this will be a make it or break it time for some couples. If you want to stay in the relationship, you will heal the cracks. if you don′t, well, you won′t stay. Whatever happens, you will be alright with the outcome because you will come into that awakening under Venus retrograde. You will know what you want; if you are getting it or not, and make the decision yourself.

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Venus in retrograde can have a big impact on your relationships and love life. Remember, this is a very powerful time for twin flames and old flames right now, so expect them. Every retrograde period sends past love or connections your way for a season, or for a reason.Venus likes to play her games. She may be testing you with an old flame to really make you think about what you want.

Is true love right in front of you, or does an old love need to be revisited? With Pisces at the helm here, only you know the answer. The heart wants what the heart wants, and Venus retrograde will be asking you to make that call. Someone very special is going to need to pass those tests. The only way you can fail them during Venus retrograde is not being honest about what you deserve, and settling for something less.

Are you ready for fated love? What are your relationship wishes under Venus retrograde?

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