Relationship and Compatibility Tips for Libras

Posted on September 19, 2016

Happy Birthday, Libra! The Sun comes full circle for you with the autumn equinox, and you′re in for a treat this coming year, as Jupiter has just entered into your sign. These next few months could well give you the Midas touch — but of course, it takes more than Jupiter to determine how things are going to unfold.

As a Libra, you may find that you′re more indecisive than usual, because Jupiter′s likely to bring you more opportunities. You′ll oscillate back and forth, not knowing what — or who — you really want, and always wondering what else is out there. Try to keep some kind of control regarding this, though — you don′t want people to think you′re superficial, now, do you?!

This is also the year when nice things look to be coming your way. You like the finer things in life, but that pesky Jupiter might tempt you to overspend or overindulge in other ways, so don′t act on impulse. Surround yourself with the simple beauties and indulge yourself with the company of your friends. You′re cooperative at heart and you want everyone to get along. If you follow these relationship tips for Libras, you will be well on your way to achieving that harmony!

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Aries Relationship Compatibility

Your Aries partner will need patience with you, for while you′re dithering about what you want to do, they′ve already done it! The brash impulsiveness of Aries can hurt your feelings; they′re just being who they are so try not to take it personally. Aries is opposite Libra on the zodiac, and there′s more than a little truth to the old saying that opposites attract! This has potential if they′re willing to learn to be patient, and you′re willing to allow yourself to be a bit more impetuous.

Taurus Relationship Compatibility

You′re very different — different elements, different qualities, but you′re still going to have a lot of common ground because you′re both ruled by Venus — the planet of love! Your tastes will be similar and you′re both romantics at heart. Watch that you don′t overindulge each other though. It will be easy for spending to get out of hand — and for you to gain weight, for that matter, because you both like to satisfy your appetites for all of the good things that life has to offer. You may have to put up with a bit of stubbornness from Taurus, though, for while you′re the social butterfly. Taurus might be a bit jealous of the attention that you get from others.

Gemini Relationship Compatibility

You′re both air elements, so that is going to give you some common ground, and a similar viewpoint things in many cases. You′ll innately ‘get′ each other — but that also means that you′ll know exactly what buttons to push to infuriate each other, too. Yours is a relationship that is social and always on the go. Gemini′s outgoing personality will intrigue you, while your charm and penchant for luxury will captivate Gemini into wanting to know more about you. If nothing else, you′ll never get bored with each other!

Cancer Relationship Compatibility

You both like peace and harmony, but you′re going to go about it in different ways, which have the potential of creating discord rather than harmony! Cancer can be moody — and that′s not going to work with you. You like to socialize and they could be too clingy for that, which is going to come between you in the long run. You′re going to have to learn patience, and to understand your Cancer partner′s need for one-on-one time, while they′re going to have to learn not to be so possessive when it comes to your attention, and maybe even your affection.

Leo Relationship Compatibility

A relationship with a Leo can be demanding. You both like attention and you both love to be in love. The problems arise when you start looking at what you stand to get, rather than what you have to give. There′s a lot of indulgence here, but also a lot of hurt feelings too. Neither of you are particularly careful with your resources, and it will be easy to blame the other one should things get out of hand. As gregarious as Leo is, there′s a jealous streak there, too. This has the potential to be a great pairing, but you′ll both have to watch your egos.

Virgo Relationship Compatibility

You′re as different as night and day, and this is going to be a hard relationship for both of you to navigate. You′re a social butterfly but Virgo likes what′s familiar. You will be off and running on a whim, but careful Virgo likes to plan. You′ll find Virgo′s criticism hard to take, and they won′t understand your indecision and lack of practicality. The only way that this is going to work is if you both take your patience pills and your tolerance tablets — otherwise, you′ll find Virgo weighs you down, and they′ll find you far too irresponsible.

Libra Relationship Compatibility

Oh my! A relationship with another Libra is certainly going to have its share of ups and downs. You′re going to be so much alike — and if you are on each other′s good side, great! However, your Libra partner is going to reflect back to you the sides of your sign that you′ve not yet worked out how to master, and no one likes addressing their faults. You′re either going to really get along and be inseparable, or this will fizzle out in a blaze of indifference before it even gets started. You′re both going to have to carry equal weight to make this work — which is appropriate, being as how you′re the sign of the scales.

Scorpio Relationship Compatibility

If you fancy a Scorpio, then you′ll have your work cut out for you. Scorpio doesn′t do anything by halves, and the relationship is always going to be one-sided. Scorpio will dote on you, and that might attract and flatter you initially, but as the relationship deepens, it will start to feel restrictive. You′ll start to find Scorpio′s stubbornness annoying — and don′t be surprised if the fun factor leaves too, for Scorpio may find your frivolity too infuriating. If this is going to work, you′ll have to teach Scorpio how to lighten up a bit, while learning how to be a bit more serious yourself.

Sagittarius Relationship Compatibility

There′s a definite potential here, provided that neither of you become too clingy. You′ll be right there with Sagittarius′s sense of adventure, and it will inspire you to follow your own dreams and desires. You′ll have plenty to talk about, and you′ll appreciate Sagittarius′s gregarious nature. There′s a lot of sexual chemistry here, too, as well as a whirlwind of social activities that you′ll both enjoy. You′ll just have to learn to keep up with Sagittarius, without getting too moody about having your own needs met.

Capricorn Relationship Compatibility

There′s not a whole lot of common ground here, and if you′re going to last with your Cappy partner, you′re going to have to be adaptable. You′ll want to go out, the old goat will want to stay home, and — as stubbornness is one of Capricorn′s traits — there won′t be much room for compromise. However, if you find the right balance between surrendering control and persuade Capricorn to try something new, you might find you′re rewarded by a strong and steadfast partner on whom you can truly depend.

Aquarius Relationship Compatibility

You′re both air signs, so that gets you off to a good start. You′re more lighthearted than your Aquarian lover though, and that takes some balancing. Aquarius is determined, and very intense, and while that′s intriguing at first, in the long run it may grow to be oppressive for your free spirit. Neither of you are in a hurry to get tied down, and that could create problems as the relationship develops. Once you′re both in the groove, though, you′ll have a harmonious relationship that brings a lot of understanding and compassion.

Pisces Relationship Compatibility

If ever there were two sentimental signs, it′s you and Pisces! You′re both sensitive to the needs of the other, want harmony between you, and have lots of plans of what you want to together — and to each other! However, it′s going to be up to you to make sure that those plans are not just all talk, because Pisces does like that little flight of fancy. You′ll have to put the foundations under the fantasies to make them manifest. This has a great chance of being romance at its finest, providing neither of you are too set in your ways, or so caught up in your daydreams that a dream is all you have.

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