Seriously Sexy Last Minute Gifts for Each Zodiac Sign

Posted on December 21, 2016

It′s only a couple of days until Christmas and you still aren′t sure what to do for your sweetie? You′ve already wrapped the presents and stuffed the stocking, but you want to do that little bit extra to show your love and how much your special someone means to you.

A little bit of passion is always appreciated by your partner, and it′s not too late to come up with a last minute gift to spice up your sex life this holiday season.

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If you are looking for something special to rev up the romance with an Aries partner, action, is the keyword. Ruled by Mars, Aries is assertive and dynamic; full of energy and vitality.

Your gift should mirror that vibrant energy with something colorful and active. Aries will be turned on by something compelling, so invest in something sexy to wear between the sheets.

Hint at the promise of very animated sex, too! You could give the gift of a sky-diving lesson, or just you instigating plenty of action around the erogenous zones.


The way to a Taurean′s heart is through the finer things in life: good music, fine wine, and delicious food. A gift of a gourmet meal that tastes divine and looks sexy should do the trick.

You might even make yourself the ‘dish of the day′ by wearing alluring clothing and making your lover wait to taste you until the plate is clean and the last morsel of food has been eaten!

The keyword here is luxury. You should consider giving a gift certificate to a wonderful restaurant, a subscription to fine wines, an appointment for a quality massage, a spa treatment, or even you wearing an expensive scent and lying on decadent and lavish bedding!


Geminis are the thinkers and the talkers of the zodiac. To appeal to this air sign, gifts need to be cerebral. Think books, electronic devices, the latest cell phone or tablet; these are all right up Gemini′s alley.

Gemini′s also like variety. Their sign is symbolized by the twins so they don′t mind trying on a new identity and often like to indulge in a bit of role play.

You can spice things up between the sheets by talking sweet and dirty to a Gemini. Also, Geminis are stimulated by words, they are likely to be very stimulated by the gift of other oral activities, too!


It′s easy to win a Cancerian′s heart because home is what is dear to them and they love to ‘feather their nest.′ An item for the house makes a lovely gift, whether it′s a humble candle or a large appliance.

You could always offer to clean for them while your lover relaxes in a nice bath or shower. Water is Cancer′s element and the gesture will be a turn on.

Of course, there′s absolutely no reason why that watery indulgence can′t be interrupted with the gift of some wet foreplay before the main event, either! Don′t forget the lotion, soft textures are appealing for Cancerians.


Gift giving for a Leo is easy because they love attention and being showered with presents. Leo is a fire sign, so they′re going to be appreciative of things that involve activity.

Leos have quite the ego as well and love chic things like popular performances or timeless theater. Book tickets to a show, or perhaps even dance lessons.

Leos love variety, so spice things up by taking initiative when it comes to intimacy. Give the gift of you; fully, unconditionally, passionately and watch them come alive under the mistletoe!


Virgos are probably the hardest of the Sun signs for whom to buy because they′re such fusspots! For one thing, the gift has to be classy and elegant and between the sheets, Virgos can be prissy.

Virgo rules the area of the chart that pertains to health, so try something that reflects a healthy lifestyle such as a gym membership or a spa package would be a good choice.

To turn them on, make sure that the bedroom is tidy, the bedding is clean, and you are scrubbed and sweet-smelling. The gift of cleanliness topped off with a bit of imagination and watch that cool reserve melt into hot action!


The zodiac sign of the scales is very sociable and is going to be attuned to their loved ones. Gifts of photographs and portraits are an excellent choice for a Libran.

Libra is ruled by Venus, they love things that are sensual and a bit decadent. Book a tour around a museum, a ride in a horse-drawn carriage, perhaps even a champagne luncheon somewhere classy.

Libra loves to combine comfort with elegance, so delicate lingerie or fine pajamas hit the mark. Entice your lover to slip into them to please you, then seduce them off again with slow and deliberate advances.


The Scorpios reputation for being a very sexy and passionate zodiac sign is not without foundation! Scorpios love intrigue and they are very sensual (all water signs are) so don′t hesitate to plan something very personal.

It′s not too late to hit the internet and find a murder mystery evening, or a mystery tour of a nearby city, or perhaps even a paranormal investigation.

More than any other sign, they feel intimacy deeply and passionately. The gift of a sex toy could really spice things up for you, provided that you′re willing to fully partake in the games!


Sagittarians are gregarious and magnanimous, and they don′t do things by halves. They love to travel and learn, extending themselves is important to them.

It isn′t too late to book a plane ticket to somewhere different; look into a class where they can learn a new hobby or skill, or see where a philosopher or life coach may be lecturing.

Sagittarians are not afraid to laugh and entertain and this can carry over to the bedroom, too. Make light of this, by giving them the gift of playfulness. Be silly, be bold, be daring, and be loud. All of this will appeal to the archer′s sense of pleasure.


Capricorns are probably the most serious of all of the zodiac signs. They aren′t very partial to being surprised and this applies to intimacy, too.

They′re an earth sign, they are determined and practical so anything that will be useful to help them succeed with a current project or goal will be appreciated.

The run up to the height of ecstasy is enjoyable, but remember, they are goal oriented and climax is the goal. Let your gift to your Capricorn lover be letting them take control of the nightly ritual - that kind of enjoyable domination is sure to excite and delight!


Calm and cool, Aquarians are humanitarian and they belong to the world of compassion It′s hard to get close to an Aquarian, that is why they are usually fascinated by technology.

They communicate best through gadgets and gizmos rather than up-close and personal. Anything techy will go down well, especially if your favorite Aquarian is a bit nerdy.

Gifts can be impulsive and unconventional, something to pique their curiosity will be well-received. That quirkiness frequently spills over into the bedroom, so step out of your comfort zone and watch that composed exterior melt into hot passion.


Pisces is the sign of illusion. Anything that can provide escapism they are bound to love. Movie passes, tickets to a theater, or a retreat to a waterside hotel are all excellent choices.

Spiritual pursuits are also likely to interest them. Look out for lectures by renowned spiritual leaders; well-presented books or documentaries; passes to a spiritual retreat or weekend event.

Fantasy plays a great part when entertaining the desires of a Pisces, so give the gift of illusion. Role play, dress up, take the lead, and allow make-believe to make you a believer as to just how great the night can be.

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It doesn′t take a lot of money to find last minute gifts to spice up your sex life this Christmas. A bit of forethought, a bit of foreplay, along with ample time set aside to enjoy the giving is all you really need to make this Christmas with your lover the best one yet.

Presents under the tree and goodies in the stocking are wonderful things to enjoy at this festive time but never forget that the greatest gift you can give to your partner is the gift of yourself and your attention.

What is the best Christmas or holiday gift that you have ever gotten from a lover that was inexpensive or did not cost a thing?

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