Zodiac Love Compatibility: How Do Virgos Measure Up?

Posted on August 22, 2016

Happy birthday Virgo! The seasons are changing, the kids are going back to school, and you′re coming into your own. Fed up with how things have been unfolding? Fret no more, because things are changing in a very positive way for you. The pace picks up, and you′ll have a whirlwind of positive energy around you. For those who are starting class or a new job, this vibe is very productive, and for those in love or looking for a twin flame love, this is an awesome time.

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Traits of a Virgo

Virgos are so easily misunderstood, which makes it difficult to find your zodiac soulmate. You care — you care deeply and passionately and you stick around long after anyone else would have given up. However, your critical eye and your blunt honesty lead others to believe that you′re shallow, opinionated, and a bit stuck up. If they only knew! Your natural curiosity is mistaken for nosiness, your eye for detail is mistaken for judgement, and your willingness to help is mistaken for interfering.

It′s a shame that people don′t see you for who you truly are. You bring together a wonderful combination of fantasy and common sense, perfection and bawdy humor, indulgence and self-discipline, hard work and a love of hobbies and recreational activities. You bring dedication to a relationship, and even though you′re usually reserved, you have a passion for life that is unequalled by most. Here′s how Virgos in love get along with the other Sun signs.


Both you and Aries are honest to a fault, and believe it or not, this can actually create issues in your relationship. Aries doesn′t have your tact, your charm, and your feelings could easily get hurt by the bluntness of their words. Consequently, You come across as too critical for Aries, who always takes things at face value. For this relationship to succeed, you′ll both have to learn a bit of tact and compromise.


With Taurus, you share a very practical approach to life. You′re both Earth signs, and that′s going to give you a common foundation. Taurus is romantic and caring, but may be a bit lazy for your industrious ways and nervous energy. It won′t be hard for this relationship to succeed for you have a lot to share with. You′ll just have to find a good way of communicating your needs and desires to each other.


You′re both ruled by Mercury, and while that will give each of you the ‘gift of the gab′ that can be where the similarity ends. Gemini is far more social and gregarious than you are, and you′re far more dedicated and serious than the Twin. If this is going to work, then you′ll have to really turn on your charm to entice Gemini into a serious relationship, and is often easier said than done.


You don′t have much in common at all with Cancer, yet this is one of those opposites attract situations. You are both loyal, and dedicated to your partners when you find the right one. Cancer will support you and encourage you to succeed. While the Crab is usually very forgiving of your impatience and sharp tongue, don′t take that for granted. Cancer′s feelings will be hurt by your criticism, they just may not always show it.


This relationship is going to have plenty of ups and downs. Leo′s desire for attention wears pretty thin at times, with you getting so wrapped up in your work or other project that you fail to give it to them. Leo can easily hurt your feelings too — not intentionally, but by overlooking you in an effort to meet their own needs. This has the potential to be a good match, though, provided that you′re willing to open up a bit more, and Leo is prepared to find a bit of humility.


Ever feel like you′re looking in a mirror? That′s what happens when you get two Virgos in love! You′re both so alike — but of course, the other elements in your natal chart will determine your differences, and that′s where the attraction lies. Just remember when you get impatient with your Virgo lover′s need to be right, with their criticism and their perfectionism and their attention to detail, they′re thinking the exact same thing about you!


While Libra′s elegance and charm immediately attract you, their allure can soon fade. Libra likes to be out and about while you enjoy the comforts of home. Libra is very social and needs attention, and their seeming inability to make up their mind about something is likely to drive you nuts. However, if you′re prepared to find a common ground and then work on your differences, this is one of the most beautiful relationships to be found.


Your fascination with details and problem-solving can bring the two of you together, but Scorpio is inclined to be far more erotic than you′re comfortable with. You could start to find this relationship uncomfortable unless you′re willing to let Scorpio have control of it, and that′s not going to be easy for you. However, if you′re able to let Scorpio take the lead, you might find depths to your passion that you never knew existed.


Harmony and contradiction are the keywords here! You′ll be drawn to Sagittarius′s philosophical approach to life and their free spirit — but while they focus on the bigger picture, you′ll be paying attention to the minutiae. You′ll get impatient with each other, and that′s a problem — especially as Sagittarius isn′t as tenacious as you are. You′re going to have to meet in the middle for this relationship to be a success.


You′ve got a lot in common with your Capricorn lover as you′re both Earth signs, and that will give you similar outlooks and ideas about life. Cappy can be a bit of a stick in the mud for you, though, taking things far too seriously, and perhaps hurting your feelings in their climb to the pinnacle of their personal success. This may not be the most dazzling of matches, but if you both learn to consider the other just a bit more, this is one of the most enduring partnerships.


This really is a tale of beautiful minds. You′ll be attracted to each other′s intelligence and thought processes — but that could be where it ends. Because you′re both so reserved it can be hard to find an emotional connection here, and obviously that′s not going to lead to any longevity. For this relationship to work, you′re both going to have to transcend the mental connection, and get in touch with your feelings.


You′re opposite each other in the Zodiac, and you′re likely to really get along with each other, or not get along at all! Pisces might be too dreamy for you — but on the other hand, you′re able to take those dreams and find a way to turn them into reality. This is either something that′s going to work for you, or something that won′t. If you can chill out enough to let Pisces have their dreams, they′ll reward you with devotion, romance, and perhaps even learn to be a bit more responsible.

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It′s easy for you to see the imperfections in people, but you could have a harder time seeing them in yourself. Many Virgos have a distorted self-image, believing that you′re either not as critical as everyone says you are, or perhaps you′re worrying that you′re more judgemental than you really are. You′re only human, and that′s something that you need to recognize if you′re ever going to be happy in a partnership.

Also, as much as you enjoy helping others, it′s hard for you to ask for or accept help for yourself, and that is something else on which you′ll need to work in order for romance to succeed. There has to be a give and take. You feel rejected when folks don′t what you have to share with them, but remember that when you don′t accept what they want to give to you, then their feelings can be hurt, too. Learning how to compromise is the key to fulfillment when it comes to relationships — and that goes for your interaction with family, friends and colleagues, too.

Virgos in love are easily understood, but if you find the right partner, you′ll create a union that is more solid than many of the other Sun sign combinations. It′s all about finding that someone who understands your quirks, and who sees your curiosity and attention to detail as an asset, and not a liability. Your heart is full of romance, thoughtfulness and sincerity. Make sure that you share it with the right person!

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