Spring Equinox 2016: Plant a Spiritual Garden that Manifests Abundance and Luck

Posted on March 17, 2016

Happy New Year! Wait, what? It’s March! But yes my friends, it is another “new year” in a manner of speaking with the arrival of Spring Equinox 2016 this March 20, 2016. At the same time, Sun enters Aries! News reports are saying this is the earliest Spring that the world has experienced in 120 years. Is your front yard starting to show those results? Amazing how things are beginning to sprout from the ground, when this time last year the ground was still frozen over. Have you begun planning your Spring garden? What about your spiritual one?

Did you know that your spiritual garden works just the same as your front garden? You have to follow the same steps. And when you do it right, blessings and the blossoms of life sprout right up! So that is what we are going to talk about today. How to use all of these wonderful astrology transits, right smack dab in the middle of March 2016 eclipse season, to your advantage so that your spiritual garden is the most abundant one on the block. March 2016 eclipse season has been rough on ALL of us. That’s the bad news. The good news, it will all be behind us soon enough. And, if you play your cards right, and plant the right seeds of intention, the best is yet to come.

Spring is when everything starts over again! Fresh gardens, fresh grass, fresh flowers, fresh….everything! And it is no coincidence my friends that this time of year is when the zodiac calendar begins as well. And with the dawn of Spring Equinox 2016, you will have equal hours of daylight and night in every day, according to the true Spring Equinox definition. Starting the Spring Equinox 2016 on March 20, you will get 2 minutes of daylight more every day, until the Summer Solstice in June that will be launched when Sun enters the Cardinal Sign of Cancer. That’s when the days will then become shorter by two minutes every day. And you don’t have to be an Aries, or a Fire Sign, or any specific zodiac sign to do it. ALL zodiac signs will benefit from these blessings. And it all starts next week!

Next week we have the Sun entering the first zodiac sign, the Cardinal Sign of Aries. The Sun will then spend the remaining 12 months travelling through all of the zodiac signs. That means, this month is a new year in so many ways! Happy New Year! Just like you do during the New Year holiday in January every year, you can use this Happy New Year to create a wealth of new beginnings in your life. And the power all lies in the power of the Spring Equinox, and your wisdom to choose how to use it wisely. Are you ready to truly create some change in your life? The Spring Equinox is the perfect place to start. Here’s how to use Spring Equinox 2016 to manifest wealth, love, or any kind of abundance you are looking for as you consider the many fresh possibilities before you.

What is the true Spring Equinox meaning?

The Spring Equinox 2016 is literally just the events in astrology that occur to launch the season of Spring. But the Spring Equinox meaning goes much deeper than that. Every season’s beginning is associated with one of the Cardinal Signs. For Summer the Cardinal Sign is Cancer. For Fall the Cardinal Sign is Libra. For Winter the Cardinal Sign is Capricorn. And for Spring, the “first” season of the new year, the Cardinal Sign is Aries. And that’s why Aries comes first in the zodiac, because it’s the first sign of the New Year.

The Spring Equinox this year came in the same month as a powerful total solar eclipse and New Moon in Pisces. In fact Spring Equinox 2016 is smack dab in the middle of two eclipses, between the total solar eclipse and New Moon in Pisces and the partial lunar eclipse with the Full Moon in Libra on March 23. The Spring Equinox definition then is simply that this equinox marks the beginning of Spring, which symbolizes new beginnings in so many wonderful and new ways. And Spring is about change. So this is the Spring Equinox true meaning. A total solar eclipse occurring during this period is equally powerful, as solar eclipses occur with New Moons that are also new beginnings. What does this mean? Happy New Year! These are epic events from astrology that you can use to manifest whatever change you want in your life. Spring Equinox 2016 could be your luckiest break of the year! That is, if you plant your seeds right. Are you ready to manifest abundance and luck this Spring? Plan your spiritual garden well. Here are the 7 steps you need.

7 Ways to Use the Spring Equinox 2016 to Manifest Abundance

Here’s how to plant your spiritual garden and spring blossoms of luck and abundance this year. Are you feeling lucky? Jupiter in Virgo is on your side in conjunction with the Sun in Aries. Channel it right, and plant the right seeds, and luck could be your lady this Spring!

1. Clean Away Decay. The first step in every good garden planning is the clearing away of the Winter decay. The same holds true for your spiritual garden. And this is why we have a total solar eclipse and a partial lunar eclipse happening in the same month. Eclipses create change, and they help us to clear away the toxic drudgery of life. You have to do it if you want luck and abundance this year. Yes it is a drag raking leaves and mulch out of the beds every year. But avoiding that problem and hoping it goes away isn’t going to help anybody, and isn’t going to grow anything. So get rid of the toxic garbage in your life, and don’t resist the change if the eclipse does that for you. Embrace it. Good things are coming if you do. Consider it your chance to lay to rest any matters that are no longer serving you, and create yourself or your life into something amazing! What area of your life are you going to give an awakening and a resurrection to?

2. Take Charge, Decision Time. The Aries Advantage. What do you want to grow this year? What area of your life do you want to be lucky in? Love? Career? Money? This time of year is particularly powerful for the zodiac sign of Aries but that doesn’t mean that all zodiac signs can’t take advantage of this abundant energy. Aries is the Cardinal Fire Sign, and thus a born leader. Aries is also fiery, passionate, creative, bold, courageous, and fearless. What this means is that these qualities are going to be the qualities that you need to use to manifest abundance and change. Create this as your intention, to embody courageous fearlessness and bold leadership, and you will find the inspiration to lead…wherever your heart desires. Follow your instinct, follow your passion, and be inspired by the fearlessness of Aries to go after whatever you want during this Spring Equinox. We ALL have the Aries advantage if we want to use it!

3. Magical Seeds of Intention. You have fearlessness and leadership with Aries, the light of the Sun to shine the way to your truth, now you need to get ready to do some planting. The seeds you will plant are the seeds of your intentions. Make them really count! Gardeners know just how important it is to plan their gardens carefully before placing their seeds and bulbs. You aren’t just going to throw a handful of seeds into the dirt and hope for the best right? No. So it’s time to truly reflect on what magical seeds of intention you will plant, and where you want to be luckiest this year. Remember, if you plant the right ones, come Fall will be harvest time. What lucky blossoms are you hoping to harvest in your life this year?

4. Let the Sun Shine In! Did you know that the word “Equinox” literally means “Equal Night” ? That means on the Spring Equinox we have the exact same amount of light in our day as we do night. This means the Sun wins! Never will you have this much Sun in your day and your lives as you do during the Spring season. And that is yet another advantage for you. Follow the light, which is your truth, and it will set you free. This is the time for light to win over the dark, and you should feel a zesty love for life right now. Make your new year wish list! Instead of creating resolutions, make wishes. What do you want to blossom in your life this Spring? Meditate, reflect, and then plant those amazing seeds. You’ve cleared away the garbage and are ready to let the Sun shine on those intentions. What are your new year wishes under the Spring Equinox? The Sun wins!

5. Fertilize. Every plant needs food to survive. While water and Sun are good enough, your blossoms will be more miraculous if you take the step of fertilization. When it comes to your path of enlightenment, you need to think carefully about how you are feeding your Higher Self. Do you have the right friends and relationships nurturing your garden blossoms? Are you in the career that is going to feed your soul and propel your growth? Are you managing your finances right? Feed all of these areas of your life with the food that will help them to grow. Negative and toxic energies will kill these blossoms before they even begin. How are you feeding your garden?

6. Water, Water, Water. Pisces has your back on this one. You can’t have a good garden without water, and your blossoms will die quickly if you aren’t nurturing them daily. The fertilizer you put in the soil of your spiritual garden is the foundation and the food that will spring lucky life into the seeds you have carefully planned and planted. But it can’t sustain your blossoms for life. You need to keep nurturing the Earth of that garden with the power of Water. Spring Equinox 2016 is happening right in between two eclipses, with the first total solar eclipse happening under the New Moon in Pisces. As the Mutable Water Sign, Pisces fills whatever vessel of life is around them, and nurtures with empathy, compassion, and love. This is how you water your spiritual garden as well. No negative nellies allowed! Only love and a nurturing spirit on those planted seeds will make them lucky ones.

7. Get hopping! Stay on top of those weeds! Easter arrives one week after Spring Equinox 2016 and this is no coincidence. Easter is not just a Christian tradition! Well it is, but the entire world celebrates it in their own way. In this hemisphere, Easter is symbolized by many things. One of those things is a little hopping bunny, one of the consummate symbols of Easter. And the reason the bunny is a symbol of Easter is because the Bunny symbolizes rebirth and fertility. So you need to stay hopping on your mission to manifest luck and abundance! We also see the Easter Bunny, a magical symbol that bestows blessings and courage. And, in the Druid Oracle the Easter Bunny is one who leaves eggs in magical places. Those that find them, are considered the lucky ones because inside each egg, is a sacred little miracle that means new birth and new life during the Easter season. If you get hopping, those little miracles are going to show up in your own garden. What are you hoping to find inside your magic eggs this spring? Before you start, review your March 2016 eclipse horoscopes and Career Horoscopes to make sure you are on the right garden path.

And there you have it! Everything you need to know in order to manifest abundance in your life under the Spring Equinox 2016! What are your Spring Equinox wishes and intentions? What new beginnings are you excited about? More importantly, how are you going to go after them? Do tell us how you are planning your spiritual garden this Spring!

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