Life-Path Number


The personality of number one is just as you might expect, the leader of the pack. This number vibrates at a very high frequency which makes this number exceptional in every sense of the word. People with a life path number or expression number one are born leaders, driven, ambitious, and responsible. They are often the captains of the teams on the playground growing up, and grow up to become CEO’s and Presidents.

From a metaphysical and spiritual perspective 1 vibrates at an energy that is the creator of all things. This number represents the primal force that initiates, which is why people that express this number are born leaders. They build things, businesses, successful families, and success in general. The number one represents excellence, first place, first class, and first choice.

The energy of number 1 can be very aggressive. This is a leadership energy that wins almost at any cost. That would be the shadow side to number one. They are strong, unwavering, and determined and do not see obstacles in their path, they push right through them. Number 1 is not an emotional number, it is rational, logical, pragmatic, and it is too busy getting things done to stop and consider how it makes them feel. Even so, 1 energy is a powerful source and important to have around you as it simply attracts success.

What is it like being a 1 or having a 1 in your life? It is a masculine energy and actually the most masculine energy of all of the numbers. They can be jealous and stubborn, and they can also definitely have issues with possessiveness. As well, they aren’t the type that would be called “dreamers” they are more “doers”. At the same time, if they befriend you, you will have a friend for life. You can affectionately poke fun at them without crushing their heart into pieces. If you stand up to them in an argument you will probably lose the battle, but you will win their respect for your convictions. Working for one can be a pill sometimes, but they will recognize and reward you on a long term basis if you help them get the job done. Being married to them may mean some jealous and the odd controlling behavior on occasion, but they will do everything in their power to ensure your safety, well being, and needs are met, with abundance, at all times.

In astrology number 1 is associated with the planet Mercury, and in the Tarot number 1 is associated with the Magician. Celebrities with a Life Path 1 include Martin Luther King Jr., Dick Cheney, Larry King, George Lucas, Nancy Reagan, and Tom Hanks.

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