Life Path Number

Number 11 is referred to as a Master Number, and its key quality is intuition. Number 11 is the channel and the portal to the other world, beyond the subconscious, beyond the cosmos, beyond rational thought. This is the number that is the dreamer, the psychic, the clairvoyant, the all-knowing in their own unique way. 11 is the number that when paired with itself in 11:11 is the number that vibrates in the energy of unconditional love. This is the energy of the most romantic and passionate unions of all, the twin flame union, when 11 is combined with itself. This is just one example of the power that number 11 vibrates.
Number 11 energy has all of the charm and charisma of two number 1′s put side by side, or through the super charged number 2. The number 11 has an energy that can accomplish everything from banishing phobias to becoming the next President of the United States, like Barack Obama, Ronald Reagan, and Bill Clinton have done. These famous men are just a few of the most famous number 11 energies the world has seen.
The number 11 energy has infinite energy. This is an energy that often feels misunderstood, but this is because its intuitive nature understands far more than anybody else can. Typically these energies are shy and withdrawn, more so than the world seems to see at first glance. Number 11 energy is always studying, reading, and pursuing after the greatest minds in the world to create their own greatness, and this is what makes them seem reclusive at times. Once they come out from their cave however what you often see is the world’s next greatest invention, novel, or, President.
The number 11 energy goes through life feeling like they were called for something great. That’s because they were. This number is energy that brings a message to the world from the beyond, that many do not understand until they see their dreams come to pass. This number has a slow development through life, one that does not see genius at the age of 5 per se as other numbers might. Success is percolated and often seen after the ages of 35 when their spiritual, physical, and metaphysical progression has reached its appropriate point.
Number 11 is associated with The Justice card in the Tarot. Celebrities with a Life Path 11 include some of the world’s greatest leaders such as Colin Powell, Jackie Kennedy, and Prince Charles.
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