Life Path Number


Where 1 is the most masculine energy of the numbers, 2 is the most feminine. This number is also underestimated, as this strong feminine energy exudes strength and determination as well. 2 is a gentle number and as compassionate and understanding as the day is long. This number is the peace maker, and will avoid drama and conflict at all cost. The shape of 2 even is not as firm and strong as the 1, but this number is bent slightly as if to suggest that this number is willing and able to see all sides of the situation. This is also a very humble energy, but elastic and flexible to adapt to the wide range of circumstances life will throw at it.

The 2 is a born psychologist, someone that gets along with almost everyone because they are able to see all sides to all people. This is the mother that can cold stop a fight between 7 siblings with a single word. This number is the kind of person that you will meet that you never forget, but not because they are showy and dramatic. Their elegance, grace, sophistication, and presence command a presence when they enter a room.

The 2 is also a very creative energy, and people with this life path or expression number are artistic or have an innate sense of music or art. This innate sense of creativity not only works well in their professional life but in their social circle as well. They attract popularity and wide circles of friends.

The one shadow side to this feminine energy is that as much as 2 can be forgiving and loving, this number can be relentless and a formidable opponent when crossed. Some might even call this energy vengeful and cruel. This is the kind of energy that coined phrases like, “Don’t poke the Mama Bear.”

As uncomfortable as this can be sometimes, a number 2 will also be your biggest ally and your most loyal friend. This number will have your back no matter what, so long as you stay on their good side. Treat this number like the king or the queen that they want to be in life, and they will reward you tenfold in return, even if you have to put up with the occasional tantrum to get there. One of the most important qualities of 2 energy is its intuitive nature. This is one of the most intuitive numbers in numerology, and having this energy around can be very helpful as their powers sensing the truth in the intentions of those around them is remarkable.

In astrology the number 2 is associated with the Moon, and in the Tarot number 2 is associated with the intuitive High Priestess. Celebrities with a Life Path 2 include Jennifer Aniston, Bob Hope, Madonna, and best selling author Tony Robbins.

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