Life Path Number

Whereas Master Number 11 is the most intuitive number energy, Master Number 22 is the most powerful. This is the combination of the power and leadership of four 1′s, as well as the incredible heightened intuition of two 11′s. No matter how you slice it, Master Number 22 is the most inspirational and successful number of all of them, or at least this number vibrates at an energy that certainly offers this potential.
Number 22 has the energy of a dreamer. You won’t see a bigger thinker than this one. Idealism, fantasies, dreams, and vision boards are all things Number 22 vibrates exceptionally well with. This is their only shadow side, as this extreme sense of dreaming can leave little room for practicality. Number 22 energy needs to be reminded that practical matters must be attended to in order to realize the enormous potential they have.
The amount of ambition found in a 22 is unsurpassed. This can lead to disastrous consequences because they may feel like the pressure to perform exceptionally is too much at times. Most of the time it is pressure they put on themselves, and not from the outside world.
One of the reasons number 22 energy has such potential is that they offer the world a dreamy intuition of the 1′s and 11′s, but also the practical and resourcefulness of the 4′s. This offers them the qualities that allows them to give the best of both worlds to as many people in their life as possible. Number 22 energy is gifted at everything from politics to performing arts, and they always have a natural talent at finding how to make incredible amounts of money no matter what they do.
The intuitive side of number 22 energy also enables them to read and understand people better than most other numbers. This makes them great partners in both business and love. They may not be the most caring and doting parent, but they will teach their children through structure and firm direction how to succeed on their own in life. Their children might be frustrated with them on occasion because their expectations are high enough to border on unrealistic. Their spouses or partners may feel unloved sometimes because they are not the most romantic or affectionate people in the world. However, they will always bring home abundance to their families and do everything in their power to show love to the people that mean the most to them in their own unique way.
Celebrities with a Life Path 22 include the likes of greats such as Sir Paul McCartney, Bryan Adams, Dean Martin, and Dale Earnhardt.
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