Life Path Number

Where 1′s and 2′s represent the father and mother energy respectively in the creative force of the universe, number 3 is their creative child. This number vibrates with the energy of a gifted student who still needs a little bit of guidance in life. Most 3′s turn to the creative fields for work, or pursue extensive creative hobbies if their work is not artistic. This number is a person with an incredible imagination, personality, and charisma, even if they do appear a bit immature to some.
Most people are naturally drawn to those who vibrate number 3 energy. There is a little bit of a superficial and sometimes even spoiled side to this number, but this trait is coupled with an optimism that can not be matched. Some might consider this energy to be a little too “Polyanna” at times, and if there is anything that leads to broken relationships with a 3 it would be this quality.
Overall a number 3 is balanced and happy, but does need to learn a little bit of discipline if they want the success they feel they are entitled to. This is also a gifted number however, and you will often see discipline from a 3 in areas of the arts, and usually at a very early age. This is the kid that will start playing Beethoven on the piano when he is 5, just because he is bored and trying to figure out something fun to do on a snow day.
The 3 energy is energy that has plenty of friends and acquaintances, but may not have an answer to the “Who is your best friend” question. This is a number that has some issues with intimacy and commitment, and there is some insecurity that is the root of those issues. If you are a 3 you may simply need to remind your partner you need a little more attention in small subtle ways. Or if your partner is a 3 be sure that you keep them focused on how crazy you are about them as much as possible.
Overall people that are a 3, or have plenty of 3′s in their chart or their life are wonderful, happy, charming and charismatic people to be around. They will be the life of every party and make you laugh just when you need it most. So long as they are always around people that can help keep them focused and directed, they will always do wonderful things.
In astrology number 3 is associated with Venus the goddess of love and beauty. In the Tarot it is associated with the Empress card. Celebrities with a Life Path 3 include Barbara Walters, Hilary Clinton, John Travolta, and Bill Cosby.
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