Life Path Number


Where as number 3 can be a bit unpredictable at times, number 4 energy is exactly the opposite. These are the people that are referred to as the salt of the earth. Number 4 energy is energy that is masculine and represents foundation, stability, and strength. There are four pillars that hold up a home, and that is the energy that number 4 exudes. Steady, persistent, humble, practical, responsible, traditional, conventional, and sometimes conservative. This energy is energy that would rather get work done, than be praised or acknowledged for doing it.

Some people might describe number 4 as energy that is not social or boring. This may be the case, but this goal oriented number is successful in their own right. They may be simple and practical in some respects, but they also are the most grounded and down to earth people you will meet. This is someone that does not cut corners, and will notice every tiny detail of imperfection. This makes a number 4 a great employee, provider, and committed partner. They may not be social butterflies, but they will never give their partner reason to be jealous either.

Number 4 energy is very rational and logical, and will not get caught up in drama, games, or confrontations. They will not make waves and are heavily guided by their moral compass. Many priests and monks are number 4 energy, or they serve well in careers in the military as well. Duties that involve organization, administrative, or humanitarian work will lead them to very successful lives due to their detail oriented nature. Where they lack in social status they make up for in devoted nature. This may be a very strict parent or partner, but they will walk through coals to protect or serve their loved ones if they feel called to do so.

The number 4 is associated with the zodiac sign of Aries in astrology, and with the Emperor card in the Tarot. Celebrities with a Life Path 4 include Arnold Schwarzenegger, Oprah Winfrey, Billy Graham, and Frank Sinatra.

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