Life Path Number

The number 5 vibrates at an energy that is almost always described as the most dynamic energy of all of the single digit numbers. The very shape of the number 5 suggests the dynamic and flowing energy of this number. This number offers an almost equal mix of both masculine and feminine energy, and this is what makes it such an incredible and powerful number. Even so, this number is slightly more feminine than masculine. Consider the energy of this number to be a fierce tomboy of sorts, a woman who is both demure but powerful in a CEO kind of way.
Number 5 is an independent number in all ways possible. This person is ever the adventurer and they do not like to stay in one place for too long. Even though they resist change that comes their way, they will also be the most loyal one in the bunch. You will never find a cheater amongst a group of fives, these are the type of people that don’t understand cheating. They will cut off a relationship in a heartbeat if something else catches their eye, but they won’t cheat on you, as they are honest and loyal as the day is long.
Because of their flexible and fluid nature, the number 5 often does not settle in one career until later in life, after they have tried everything else that they like. They do become bored easily but when they find something they are good at, they are often exceptional at it. They make for good travel guides or travel writers, as this number is also an excellent communicator. They are so talented that once they do find the thing they want to settle on in life, they often travel quicker up the ladder than most of the peers around them.
One thing people love about being around a number 5 is how flexible and easy going they are. They will take anything that comes their way almost without complaint. This is also a beautiful person on the outside. Oddly enough through history some of the most famous 5′s have been tall, beautiful, and extremely charming. They also have an incredible sense of humor that will keep you rolling even when you are furious with them. These are qualities that help them succeed and get exactly what they want in life.
In astrology the number 5 is associated with the zodiac sign of Taurus. Number 5 is associated with The Hierophant card in the Tarot. Celebrities with a Life Path 5 include Abraham Lincoln, Steven Spielberg, Helen Keller, and Coretta Scott King.
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