Life Path Number


The shape of the number 6 is almost as harmonious as the shape of the infinity symbol, and this is a quality you will find in 6 energy. 6 is considered a very flexible and caring energy with a definite feminine energy that is about as maternal as it gets. The 6 in your family is the glue that holds you all together. 6 can be either a male or a female in our mortal life, and you will know them by the strength they give to their community and their family as a whole.

This of course can have its drawbacks. Remember those times your mother was looking over your shoulder when you were trying to write a private note to a friend? Her intentions were good but you became aggravated with her meddling and intrusive behavior. The 6 energy around you, whether that is you or someone else, also inspires these feelings. Even though the actions of a 6 can appear annoying, the intentions are to create peace and harmony amongst those they love and these intentions guide their daily existence.

Associated with the sign of Gemini the number 6 energy also has a flip side that you will not want to mess with. Like a switch any injustices will be met with a demanding and commanding wrath. This energy has a tendency to wear their heart on their sleeves, and they quickly forget that all numbers are not created equal and this can lead to some problems. Their expectations on others are extremely high. When they are met the rewards are abundant. When they are not, the criticism can be harsh, but sometimes necessary.

Jovial, social, charming, graceful, funny, warm, motivated, dutiful, responsible, respected, and liked are other qualities you can use to describe number 6. They have their flaws, but who doesn’t? They are very easy to like. If you are a 6 you are the rock in your family and your community. If you have one around you then you know who to go to when you are having an interpersonal problem.

In astrology the number 6 is associated with zodiac sign of Gemini. Number 6 is associated with The Lovers card in the Tarot. Celebrities with a Life Path 6 include Eleanor Roosevelt, Michael Jackson, and Elizabeth Browning.

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