Life Path Number

The number 7 has a very unique energy that has led to this number being called the Truth number. This is truth with a capital “T” as there is nothing that gets by a 7. Things at face value is never enough for a 7, they want to know what is going on underneath, between, and over the lines.
If you are a 7 just reading that is enough to confirm the truth for you. If you are trying to figure out who any 7′s might be around you, it is often very easy to pick them out. They are often the quietest ones, and are the ones mistaken as being boring and anti social. While you or others however are flitting from group to group in the cocktail party, they are not flowering the wall as you think. What they are doing is watching, listening, and observing the situation and learning the truth about almost everyone in the room by so doing.
They are the brains that will have an outburst over computer programming, subliminal messages in Van Gogh, or the true intention of the Kama Sutra, while all you wanted to know was the score on last night’s game. Einstein was a 7.
There is a tortured soul nature to 7′s, sometimes referred to as “God’s number”. Some of the most tortured souls in the world such as Marilyn Monroe and Princess Diana were also 7′s. They are natural recluses, loners, aloof, and insecure. They are the misunderstood ones of the bunch.
The mind of the energy that number 7 creates is always seeking truth and asking questions. This is a very intellectual energy that uses rational and logic in a very right brained and creative way to solve problems in a way that nobody else will think of. They make for great detectives, investigative journalists, scientists, researchers, doctors, and lawyers as a result.
Because number 7 has a naturally inquisitive nature, one that is always seeking the truth, this number also has an energy that taps into the metaphysical and big picture side of the universe frequently. This number is hungry for information, knowledge, and resources in the cosmic sense of the universe. Each number 7 will honor that thirst for truth in their own unique way. One might be a Buddhist, another might be an astrology writer, another might be a Baptist preacher in the Deep South.
In astrology the number 7 is associated with the zodiac sign of Cancer, and intuitive Water Sign that is ruled by the mysterious Moon. Number 7 is associated with The Chariot card in the Tarot. Other celebrities with a Life Path 7 include Dr. Phil McGraw, and JFK Junior.
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