Life Path Number


There are some number energies that are just easy to “get”, but 8 is not one of them. This is embodied itself by the shape of the 8 which offers us the infinity symbol, a line that keeps going and going without any clear break or stop. Although 8 is not a power number such as 1, 11, or 22, it is a power number in its own right. It probably is the biggest power number in the 9 digits with the exception of number 1. Many people that want to change their expression number by changing their name often do so in order to result in an 8.

Money and power are often associated with this number which is what makes it so sought after. It is not just about that though, the infinite shape of the number represents a Karmic balance that you can’t create, it just is. It is the karma that comes back to you, and more so for 8 energies and the people around them than any other number. If an 8 knocks on your door, the universe is saying this is the reward you have been waiting for, this is the reward you seek. If you are an 8, you bring a very blessed sense to the lives you touch for this very purpose.

Because they are so successful, number 8 energy can often be considered materialistic. However once you get to know them you will find their infinite picture is often one of wisdom. If you are an 8 and feel frequently misunderstood, it is possible that you haven’t shown the beautiful and spiritual side of you enough. The side that views financial resources as a tool, and not your means to the end.

Number 8 energy is a masculine energy that is associated with many strong masculine traits, ambition, authority, drive, management, discipline, focus, practical, fair, and also a realist as well. The number 8 is only slightly less aggressive than number 1 energy. Where number 1 energy will plunge into life without tact or diplomacy, 8 will accomplish the same results, and usually in a kinder and more compassionate way.

In astrology the number 8 is associated with the zodiac sign of lovable Leo. Number 8 is also associated with The Strength card in the Tarot, one of only two cards in the Tarot that offers the symbol of infinity and infinite love. Celebrities with a Life Path 8 include psychic Edgar Cayce, Barbara Streisand, and Elizabeth Taylor.

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