Life Path Number

As the last of all of the cardinal numbers, number 9 energy is energy that is perhaps considered the most sophisticated of them all. 9 energy not surprisingly has very similar energy to number 6, as the shape of both of these numbers is identical. Whereas the 6 energy serves her home and her family with the servitude of Mother Theresa, number 9 energy serves the community that way, like Mother Theresa. Number 9 energy is a feminine energy but can be male or female in your world. This is a number that takes sympathy, compassion, and grace to the next level, the level that changes human kind as we know it.
Number 9 energy is also a practical energy, but energy coupled with love and kindness. If a house burns down on their street they will know exactly who to call and when, and how to find help to ensure the family that suffers the tragedy does not go without for a single second. Number 9 has an almost uncanny way of understanding the needs of others, and finding the resources to meet them without being asked, or asking for help. This is an energy that either male or female commands respect and admiration wherever they go for this reason.
Number 9 is not the powerhouse type of leader you will see in a 1 or an 8, but a leader in their own right. They may not be the CEO of the company, but they would make excellent Vice Presidents because they would serve as both the brains and the emotional backbone of the company.
The number 9 is always focused on the big picture, and this can make this energy difficult to partner with in love. If there is any shadow side to this number, this would be the one. This energy is not very romantic, and is not overt in affection or revealing what is in their heart. They rarely do this for people they have known for years, but will pour their heart on their sleeves for the greater community when they are involved in their next food drive or social project. It is not that they don’t care about the partners they have made commitments to, they just don’t see the need to hug about it, or even talk about it, all of the time.
In astrology the number 9 is associated with the zodiac sign of Virgo. Number 9 is associated with The Hermit card in the Tarot. Celebrities with a Life Path 9 include Elvis Presley, Mahatma Gandhi, and Frank Lloyd Wright.
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