Numerology 2016 Horoscopes: Your Personal Year Number and Life Path Destiny for 2016

Posted on January 07, 2016

We′ve been trying to get you prepared for the year ahead. Do you feel ready to take on 2016 yet? If not, hang in there, there is lots more to cover that will help you navigate what will be some murky waters this year. As we discussed in our 2016 forecast, and in your 2016 horoscopes, eclipse season and mercury retrogrades will take up a lot of the cosmic wrinkle time this year. There are a few other astrological transits in play that will impact all zodiac signs, but there are other things that you can do this year to ensure you have the year of your life, regardless of what wrenches that astrology throws your way. One of the other tools in our toolbox here at Astrology Answers is numerology. We′ve already talked a little bit about how you can use numerology in 2016. Take a look back if you missed our features. We talked about how to use your life path number to channel luck in 2016. We also discussed how 2016 is the year of the 9, and how you can use that to your advantage to manifest success this year too. Today we are going to look at 2016 from a more personal perspective from numerology, and that is your personal year number.

What is a personal year number?

From a numerology perspective, your personal year number is the annual equivalent of astrology′s solar return chart. For your life time in astrology you have a birth chart, that provides the astrological blue print for how things are going to go for you in this lifetime, for the whole lifetime. Every year, from one birthday to the next, you can get a solar return chart done to look at the single piece of the pie of one year out of your entire birth chart. You can do the same for numerology with your personal year number.

Your life path number is the numerology equivalent of your birth chart from astrology. It tells you your life path and your destiny for this lifetime. We talked about how to calculate that, using the year of your birth and your birth date when we talked about how to use that life path number to channel luck in 2016. You still want to use your life path number in 2016. But another number you want to use that we will talk about today is your personal year number. So this number is calculated using your birth date, month and day only, and the year 2016 instead of the year that you were born. Once you have your personal year number, then you can use our numerology horoscopes below to find out what your year ahead looks like, on the basis of your personal year number.

Remember that you will always break down your digits in your calculations to one single digit. This means your personal year number will be a number between 1 and 9. Let′s use a random birthday of August 17 as an example. We don′t need to know what year you were born to calculate your personal year number, as we are using the personal year of 2016. So we are going to add up all of the numbers in this birthdate for this personal year: 8/17/2016 = 8 + 1 + 7 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 6 = 25 = 2 + 5 = 7. For this birth date then for this year, that individual′s personal year number is 7. Once you have calculated yours, scroll down to the personal year numerology horoscopes for 2016 with your own personal year number.

Personal Year 1: It′s a new day.

If your personal year number is 1 then you are in a cycle of both endings and beginnings this year. As we said in our 2016 forecast of this being a 9 year, this is a very important year for all of us when it comes to karma. 9 years are about endings, so you will see a lot of chapters close this year. But you are also experiencing a new day. With these chapters closing you are going to become very clear about a lot of issues, and some chapters will close on your command that you would not predict right now at this point in the year. You are starting a new cycle in your life that begins now, and you are going to create your destiny as a personal year 1 this year. Family changes will occur around April and May this year, business cycles will close and open up for you this Summer. Don′t book too many holiday vacations this summer unless you can take work with you. Things will be happening on the money and work front you can′t miss. Your most social months are going to be February, October, and November, and December will be a very hard working month for you as you put your nose to the grindstone to finish this first year of a nine year cycle of success for you.

Personal Year 2: Cooperation is key.

Partnerships and work that happens in groups is going to be the key to your year this year if you are a personal year 2. Your mission this year, if you choose to accept it, will be to not stand alone. Your relationships will reach a point that you are happy with, but only if you are both giving and receiving on the romantic front. You are entering this year with a vision to change things, and not just with yourself. You want to change you, those around you, and the world at large. And you can do it, with the right partners. 2 will be a lucky number for you this year, and when you function this year under the concept of harmony with others, success is inevitable. Stay away from contracts or starting new relationships during Mercury retrogrades. Check our 2016 horoscopes to find out when those are for you and mark those dates down. The world needs more peace and understanding. And this year, the 2′s are going to be the ones to make that happen. Will you be a part of that global change? You want to be. Now you just need to find the right partners to do it.

Personal Year 3: You gotta leave it behind you to cross the finish line.

We keep calling 2016 a karma year for a reason. It is the end of a cycle, noted by the most karmic numbers of all, 9. And so numbers that 9 is divisible by, meaning 3, are going to have a very powerful year. If you are a personal year 3, it is time to look back at what was going on in your life 3 years ago, and adjust if necessary. Lessons are meant to be learned in life, and if we don′t learn them, we repeat them. This has the potential for happening to you this year if you have not learned these lessons or nipped them in the bud. You can also repeat successes from 3 years ago. If you feel you missed the boat about something in 2013, you will be given opportunities to get right back on that boat this year. And you don′t want to miss it. Your 9 year was 3 years ago, at the end of your own 9 year cycle. And so if you missed some issues back in 2013, they could resurface again. Remember the outcome will always be either a reward, or another lesson. So if you learn the lesson well, there are big and beautiful surprises in store. As a result, this will be a very harmonious year for you as you put many key issues to bed, for once and for all.

Personal Year 4: It′s all about the foundation.

The year ahead for personal year 4 is all about creating a foundation that will last for the last half of your own personal 9 year cycle. As a 4 this year, you have 5 years left in this cycle so you are almost at the halfway mark of finishing something really big in your life. This year it will be all about getting back to those basics, and creating a foundation in your life that will stand the test of time. So you are going to have new beginnings in work, and you are going to create the family life that you have been dreaming of, or at least begin that building process. It′s a year of building for you. While the world outside is in sheer chaos, you are building foundations and structures to put in place in your life so that the messy world can′t touch the things and the people that are most important to you. Expect to be working a lot this year, and expect any indecision of the past to clear away. You know what you need to do in order to master your Destiny, and you are almost there. What are you going to build first?

Personal Year 5: Roll with it.

It′s a flexible year for personal year 5, there is a lot of change in the mix. You are at the halfway point of a 9 year cycle, and so this year will be about leaving a lot behind, and moving forward into unknown territory. And you will like it! Change is the name of the game for you this year and rolling with it in every form will help you to succeed. You will make a lot of new friends this year, have a lot of new experiences, and probably even travel quite a bit this year. This is a turning point year for you as you test all of these things. Some you will keep in your life and some you won′t. You know you are at the midway point and you are weeding out the bad and keeping the good, all the while remaining very flexible. Keep to your own business though and you will succeed beyond your wildest dreams. It is not your job to be judge and jury, but to mind your own business. March will be an abundant month for you on the material plane if you keep that in mind. This continues into April for you. Being selfish this year will mean these rewards do not come, remember that this is a big karma year. Leadership roles are possible for you come the fall, and if you take them you will see your career path elevate to new levels. Many opportunities have a lucky way of finding their way to you this year, but you will have to work hard to keep them, and you will have to be humble while you do. Roll with it, without expectations, and luck is definitely your lady. If you do, you will finish the year feeling like quite a fat cat! 5 is always lucky, but also very karma attached as well.

Personal Year 6: To serve is to succeed.

You will be at the beck and call of others this year, all year long, and you will find great success when you do. Yes there will be some annoying times to babysit when leaving the house is the last thing you want, or times when you are asked to do something you just don′t want to do. Do it all anyway, and be cheerful in the process. As a 9 year, karma is rewarded handsomely. So the more you serve, the more you will succeed. Obligations must be met for you this year before you experience any rewards. So the first half of this year should be spent tying up those obligations and loose ends. Your tests this year will come in the form of others seeing your acts of good service, and trying to take advantage of that. So as much as you want to help others, be sure you have read all of the fine print before you do, or you could get hosed. There′s a risk of that as soon as February for you. A trip away this Summer could clear your head towards getting some quiet time to plan the rest of your year. If you are able to do that you will finish the year feeling like you are on top of the world, and exactly where you want to be. Even if you can′t actually get away on your own, find a way to have at least 15 minutes of your own every day that you can look forward to, and escape the everyday from all of those awesome people you are serving this year.

Personal Year 7: Hit the pause button.

This is a break year for you if you are a personal year 7 this year. This means you can and you should step back and spend the year in review. This is not the year for you to be pushing anything, unless that is in the way of relationships. The past is going to play a large role for you this year, and you will find a lot of success igniting past connections to use for future gain. If you are able to take time off work to focus on someone special this year, then do it. It′s likely they have been waiting for you to do just that, for a very long time. A focus on your relationships and being true to what your heart really wants will take your love life to a level this year that you never even dreamed about. It will even seem overwhelming at times, but you can handle it. The deeper purpose in life is all the more clear to you this year, and truth takes on greater meaning than it ever did. 7′s are about truth, and this is your year to finally see it all come together. But you will need to hit the pause button to review and be sure that the truth really is what it seems. And it is, especially in the way of love if you let it. New beginnings are on the horizon for you in March. This could be a career beginning or a love match, and it could even be both. The Summer months you will be working hard, but it will all come together when you do.

Personal Year 8: Money definitely matters.

Money is going to be a focus for you if you are a personal year 8 this year. And this means you will see big motions in money both coming and going. It′s a great year to invest if you have the extra cash, or something to keep in mind if you are expecting a windfall this year. Real estate is a great investment for you this year, no matter what your current money situation is now. Last year was your work year, this year it pays off. And remember that 9 years are karma based and this means if you have bad money karma, it could catch up to you this year. Start saving now if that is the case, and the pinches if they come won′t feel so bad. Opportunities to increase cash flow or current cash balances are available to you this year if you are looking for them. They will not fall in your lap. Having a financial expert on call could be handy for you this year, be sure you interview many before choosing one. They are all out to get a paycheck from you, so you want someone that you can trust. If you play your cards right this year, those investments are going to pay off big time in a way that will allow you to have your best Christmas yet. Spend the last three months of 2016 tying up loose ends, and staying away from new projects or relationships. The year will be all about everything coming full circle by this point in 2016.

Personal Year 9: No matter how you roll the dice, this really is your year.

If you are a personal year 9 this year, in a 9 year, you are truly in for an epic year. This year is going to be all about endings for you. You are ending a 9 year cycle in your life and next year will be starting a whole new one. And it′s all tied into karma. Humanitarian acts and acts of service will be the way to keep that karma flowing for you all year long. And you are expected to get many wonderful karmic rewards this year. Everything you have been doing for the last 9 years is about to pay off. All of the karmic oats that you have sown are most surely going to sprout. Closing, ending, terminating, all of those things are going to happen in many ways for you this year. And it will be a good thing. Lead the way to your success this year by channeling your inner Mother Teresa. When you love, show kindness and compassion, and wonderfulness to humans everywhere the gods will smile on you, big time this year. Your public awaits. Expect a public opportunity to reap financial rewards in March of this year if you play your cards right. A new relationship may even emerge around this time. The Spring is going to be about honesty for you, and this you can do with kindness and still come out on top. Secrets and mysteries by the end of the year will be answered when you channel Mother Teresa. It′s all coming full circle right now, baby. What are your biggest dreams of 2016?

And that is pretty much it as far as your numerology horoscopes for 2016. Don′t forget to learn how to channel your luck this year by using your life path number. Then, create a successful year using your personal year number to its fullest advantage. What is your life path number and how will you create luck this year? What is your personal year number and how will you use that to create the best year of your life this year?

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