Life Path Number and Synchronicity: Are you paying attention?

Posted on November 12, 2015

We′ve been talking a lot about synchronicity, synchronicities, and the magic of numbers this month. That is because of any month, November is the most highly charged month when it comes to powerful vibrations from numbers. We have two 1′s paired in the 11th month, and that is highly intuitive and powerful energy for all Earthlings. This is true no matter what zodiac sign you are, no matter when your birthday is, or what your life path number is. Under the power of the number 11, the month of November opens a portal between this plane and the Divine. This is a powerful wish month! Prayers will be answered and wishes will be heard. And, if you know how to harness this power, that will happen with even more intensity. We′ve been talking about a few days to do that this month.

Did you make some New Moon wishes on 11/11 with the New Moon in Scorpio? Or have you been paying attention to the number of 11:11 synchronicities in your life lately?

A synchronicity is an experience where two or more events that seem to be unrelated to each other, occur in a manner that makes them appear as if they are related to each other. Carl Jung coined the term synchronicity to shorten down the concept of two happy coincidences happening at the same time, that aren′t random. So, you are thinking of somebody you haven′t heard from in a while, and then they call. That kind of thing. When a synchronicity occurs in your life, it is not a happy coincidence. It is an event with a purpose, a numerical vibration, and an energy that you can use to manifest success. It has meaning and significance and your soul′s job is to find out what that is, and use it wisely. Our article on 11:11 goes into this in more detail. Today we will talk about ways to take this concept to the next level by pairing numerology with synchronicity so that you do find yourself using synchronicity in your life to manifest success.

Did you know that it is possible to experience numerical synchronicities that have nothing to do with the numbers 11/11 as well? That′s right. No matter what life path number you are, the power of 11 of this month just opens up the portal. It is up to you and your own specific life path number to enter that portal, and use it wisely. Are you? Did you make New Moon in Scorpio wishes or 11:11 wishes this month yet? If not, here′s how to use your life path number to help you use the synchronicities that are happening in your life right now. Whether you are looking for success in love or at work, or just in a more peaceful life, your life path number is sending you synchronicities to manifest that success right now. Are you paying attention? Here′s how to use your life path number with synchronicities to their fullest potential.

Life Path 1 – Leader of the Pack.

As a life path 1, you probably already know most of what any numerologist, psychic, or medium could tell you about life path 1. That′s because you′re a 1. A born leader, you have the life path number that channels the Divine and are one of the most intuitive people on Earth. Master Number 11 is the only one that supersedes you in that area, and that is only because that number is you to the power of two. The number 1 then is going to be a very powerful force in your life, and your goal in life is to be number 1. So finding ways to be at the top of the pack, in every area of your life, will help you to succeed. Use your intuition, it is one of your greatest tools, and never mind head over heart. Heart over head will win for you every time. Job offers or new addresses with the number 1 in them are ideal for you, the more 1′s the better. A potential mate that is born in the month of January or on the first or eleventh of any month is also ideal for you. If one comes your way, that is a synchronicity you can′t ignore. Famous 1′s are George Lucas, Maya Angelou, George Clooney, David Letterman, Tim McGraw, Samuel L. Jackson, Larry King, and Jack Nicholson.

Life Path 2 – The Diplomat and the Negotiator

Life Path 2′s always seem to find themselves in the middle of things. Whether that is drama, office politics, sibling arguments, or what have you. The 2′s are the peace keepers of the world. They aren′t the ones stirring it up, they are the ones we call to fix it. You are the ones that are the most flexible people in the world because you intuitively see both sides to every argument or situation. This makes you numerology′s diplomat and negotiator, and these are the kinds of fields in life you will excel in. You don′t need to be on top, you just want peace on Earth. Look for events and synchronicities that happen in 2′s, multiples of twos, groups of two. You may see two rainbows on one day for example when you are making a big decision. That means that, wherever your heart is, you are on the right track. Phone numbers with 2′s in them will be very powerful vibrations for you as well. Famous 2′s include the peacekeepers we know as Jennifer Aniston, Pierce Brosnan, Whoopi Goldberg, Vera Wang, and Mark Wahlberg.

Life Path 3 – Three′s a crowd, and you love it.

Life path 3′s tend to have a very fun life, despite the fact, or perhaps because of the fact, that most others in their world think they are the most irresponsible. 3′s share this with 5′s. These two numbers are the partiers of numerology, but they always have good intent. In particular a life path 3 likes groups, and likes to seek advice from third parties all the time. The more the merrier for life path 3, as you love to be in the mix of things. Any work that has you working with groups or with people will keep you happy for a very long time. Entertainment is an ideal field for 3, because they get to play and make money at the same time. But working with groups of people with a greater vision is also ideal for you. Not all 3′s are partiers and can channel that energy into good work. Just ask Hillary Clinton. You also are a skilled communicator, and writing or any field that allows you to express yourself daily will be ideal for you as well. Again, look for addresses and phone numbers with the number 3, multiples of 3′s, when you are making big decisions. Anything that happens to you in 3′s is the Divine′s way of saying, this is the one! Famous 3′s are Christina Aguilera, Hillary Clinton, John Travolta and Barbara Walters.

Life Path 4 – Building is your super power.

The number 4 in numerology symbolizes the 4 posts that form the foundation of a home or a building. So 4′s are known to be firm builders, and well structured and overall responsible people. You are a people′s people, and security and stability is your mission in life. You work hard to create that for yourself, and when you are done that you do that for everyone in your secure domain. At least that is your mission. You are the one people call when their tire is flat or they are stranded at an airport. 4′s and multiples of 4s, events that happen in 4′s, and 4′s on addresses and phone numbers will be synchronicities you want to pay attention to. Also anything that involves building, contracting, or creating stable and secure structures are good for you as well, as will anything that roots you to the Earth. Don′t let the stability and responsibility of 4′s make you think they are boring. Building is your super power, use it to build whatever empire you want. Start from the ground up. Famous 4′s are Paul McCartney, Oprah Winfrey, Quentin Tarantino, Bill Gates, and Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Life Path 5 – You could build an ice empire in the Arctic.

5′s are always rolling the dice on their luck, and they usually win. They are just naturally lucky. As we said when discussing life path 3′s, life path 5 has a bit of a reputation for being irresponsible. But that′s only if they misuse their talents, or just don′t use them at all. Which can happen. But one thing that we love about 5′s, is we love having them around when we are in trouble because they have a way of talking themselves out of anything. 5′s make great salespeople and could build an empire selling ice in the Arctic because they are usually just so charming and fun that you can′t help but want to buy what they are selling. 5′s are typically freedom lovers, and need an independent career, and relationship. Freelancing is good for 5′s, and if you are a 5 you could find a way to make money freelancing whatever you like to do. Traveling and travel careers are also very good for 5′s due to their restless nature. But just because you are a 5 doesn′t mean you can′t make a difference or create your own legend. Synchronicities that occur to you in multiples of 5′s, groups of 5, that are divisible by 5, are great clues from the Universe that you are on the right path. Mates born in May or on the 5th of the month may also come your way. Famous 5′s that prove that are Angelina Jolie, J. K. Rowling, Tina Turner, Michael J. Fox, and Ellen DeGeneres.

Life Path 6 – To teach is to grow.

Life path 6 is considered the most harmonious number of the life path numbers. It is considered a soul number and is the same number that soul mates, and soul mate symbols like the Lovers Card in Tarot resonate with. You are all about peace on Earth and unconditional love. You are a lover, not a fighter. A natural homebody you would be very successful in a home business. When you love, you love for keeps, and shouldn′t waste your time on anybody that doesn′t. You also are a natural diplomat, and would work very well in peace keeping work, diplomatic work, or work that caters to peace on Earth at large. You might be a bit of a perfectionist, but you use that skill wisely. As a life path 6, the soul number, you may find you feel you have a higher calling in this world. Make note of license plate numbers, phone numbers, street addresses with any multiple of the number 6, or repetitions of the number 6. These are your clues that success is behind those doors. Use that power wisely. Famous 6′s that have changed the world include George W. Bush, Stephen King, Ted Koppel, Michael Jackson, and Francis Ford Coppola.

Life Path 7 – The truth sets you free.

Life path 7′s are kind of the most blunt people you will ever meet. They are like Scorpio in so many ways in that they just shoot right from the hip without apology. Anything that is not a fact or a truth just goes against your grain. You make a great journalist! Or an investigator for an insurance company or even law enforcement. You are so committed to truth and justice you do well in the legal fields, or even in FBI or CIA. You also are a bit of a loner because of your quest for truth. The truth rubs people the wrong way sometimes. You still don′t care. That will never stop you. Your intellect is usually above average and that also keeps you inside and in quiet reflection mode, looking for that next great kernel of truth. The power of 7 is your super power, when you see it in any way, triad, or holy connection, that is the Divine speaking to you. Work with your 7 chakras, find harmony on all 7 days of the week, and the truth will set you free, and make you a success. Famous 7′s that have blazed the trail before you are Muhammad Ali, Al Pacino, Julia Roberts, and Danielle Steel.

Life Path 8 – Success warrior.

Life path 8′s are known to be the most successful in life, and money and making it is often what gets them out of bed in the morning. But you also have a higher vision of life, and know what karma means, considering your life path number is one line that never ends in the infinity symbol. The infinity symbol is a very powerful synchronicity symbol for you. When you see it, thank the Divine for the message. You may see it on the number 8 card of the Tarot, that notes Strength and the qualities of bravery and loyalty. It is also seen in the Magician, a Tarot card that notes the powers and skills are within you to wave your magic wand over and manifest success. You will experience both great wins and great losses financially in life, but you never stop building the dream and being a warrior for your cause. Look for the infinity symbol in both work and love, and success is just a dream away. Other 8′s that have done the same are Giorgio Armani, Neil Armstrong, Deepak Chopra, Diane Sawyer, Martin Scorsese, Martha Stewart, Barbara Streisand, Oliver Stone, and Robin Williams.

Life Path 9 – The Humanitarian.

Life path 9 is the number 6 turned upside down. Thus life path 9 brings with it the same vibrations of harmony and peace as life path 6, but on a more elevated level of consciousness. 6′s work for peace on the homefront, the homeland. 9′s want to change the world with peace, and live to their dying breath fighting for it. Any job where you will change the world will harness your inner life path 9 humanitarian, and breed success. Success for you is not found in dollar signs, but rather in the number of lives you will change with your great work. You are capable of great things, and you are called to do great things. Your success will be inspired by synchronicities that resonate under the power of 3, multiples of 3, and where you see groups of 9′s, and multiples of 9′s like 18 or 27. Great 9′s that share your vision to change the world include Mother Teresa, Spike Lee, Whitney Houston, Shirley MacLaine, Lisa Presley, and Garth Brooks.

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